Noob I'm trying to invite people to race on my track how do I get that started?

Johnmiller1980 Friday, 4/23/2021

Please help Idk what I'm doing but im trying to get people to race on my track how to get started please help me


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SpyDude 4/23/21

Well, first things first: welcome to RedlineDerby.

If you're serious about wanting to host mail-in racing, we need to know some stuff about your track. Is it a drag strip? Open or lanes road course? Are you planning on videoing the racing? Do you have a ladder set up for races and eliminations? What scoring system will you be using?   What cars/castings will you be running: actual production vehicles, fantasy castings, etc?  These are all things to consider when hosting a race, because you will be handling cars (and probably money for shipping) from other people.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as you will also have to consider any video equipment and/or video editing software for recording the races. The cameras are fairly easy to get, but as in any other hobby, the more you get, the more it adds up.Just running the cars is the easy part - you can blast through a 32-car field in about half an hour - the editing of the video for release is what's going to take time, and some people are unwilling to make that effort for a quality video.

This is not to dissuade you from hosting races and creating videos, but to give you a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on when racing toy cars down a homemade track.

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  • My channel, Decatur Speedway, is still working out many of the kinks, but I manage to attract a decent number of participants when I have a "call for drivers." A lot of the refinements made to the channel were based on advice from people in the comments. Lots of constructive suggestions. — AB_IB_Racing

Best advice is set up a YouTube channel and run your own cars on it. Work out the kinks. Get familiar with what works in video and how to edit. Develop some trust in people that you're running a fair and honest set up. Also, be ready to spend some money. Each race costs me anywhere from 10-30 dollars and that isn't including a trophy or a prize. I do it for love of racing and to give the racing community a place to race.  There isn't any money in it and it is time consuming but if you love it, that won't matter. Good Luck and welcome to the racing community.

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redlinederby 4/24/21
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Building trust is always good after showing off some of your track and racing. That will help but there are always people willing to send in some cars. I might suggest a stock or rip-n-roll race as that's easier for people to send in cars and not have to worry about getting them back (and you don't have to worry about sending them).

Read through this guide and you'll get some ideas and links to how to start building up that audience.

Ultimately, the willingness of people to send in cars will depend on how you present yourself, both on your channel and here on this site. Take it slow, start small, communicate well, and you'll do fine. But what you can't do is, "here's my track, send me cars" - because that just doesn't work. It helps to ask yourself what you would be comfortable doing and what would get you send in a car. 

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SpyDude 4/24/21

Here's a quick way to start. You have a track, and you obviously have your own cars, right? Do a driver call - "I have sixteen muscle cars / Mustangs / trucks / whatever going for a big shootout - here's the cars, I need drivers!" Now you don't have to worry about people sending cars, because you're using what you have. Assign each car to a driver, then run your races as normal. Now you have an actual race with drivers who have signed up to run one of your cars and see who wins. This is a "safe" way to race, because people are not worried about losing their cars to a newbie who may or may not have honest values. This helps build your reputation as a trustworthy person AND shows you can run a race AND know what you're doing with video equipment. It's a start, and everyone has to start somewhere.

Take pictures of your track, and share them. What kind of track is it? How long is it? How high is it? What kind of starting gate do you have, and what kind of finish line? Pictures of all of the above would help so we can see what your track looks like.

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