Track Building and BuyingOld Glory Raceway

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It's a simple build, going to be around 16' to 18'....little shorter than Tobacco Road with a different Drop before the run-out. I've got a lead on some of the Red White and Blue track , which I needed to do this build, and what's one more track anyway....details to come and no start date scheduled yet, but definitely a 2018 future race destination and perhaps a Fantasy track in the RLD pipeline.

Track will be all Red White and Blue

Sounds cool! I'm curious where you acquired the red white and blue track? It's not common to see and I always wondered who made it. 

Hot Wheels made it in the 70's for the Loco - Motion track and the Flying Colors Double Dare and I believe the Thunder Shift 500 playset. I'm hopefully close to closing a deal on some.

How long are those sections? 2-feet? 3-feet? They look much longer than normal segments, even older ones.

That's just a pic of some Loco-Motion stuff off Ebay...not what I'm in the works for, but it's 2' just like the orange track back in the's identical to the orange track just RWnB.

I'm hoping 3D Botmaker can make me a two lane start gate with the internal plastic either blue (1st choice) or white(2nd choice) for the track instead of the yellow.

That would be trick
He can do custom work, just ask him and expect some extra cost (and wait time).

I'd be willing to pay a little more for a red and blue one...I'm a little meticulous when it comes to those types of details. Plus, this build is not happening  until the new year. 

I'm OK with the black on the Finish Line

If I decide to make Old Glory a 4 Lane track(and this deal would have enough track to do it) , then I would get the Start Gate and Finish Line in Red and Blue...and I might go that route since I've not built a 4 Lane yet....but got some time to make that decision. I just wonder if a 4 Lane would be popular and wouldn't want to take it out of a possible Fantasy League destination.

Looking pretty good at closing the deal on some of this RWnB track next week...fingers crossed!!!

...sticking with two lane drag
Good luck. Wish I still had that track with my Thundershift 500!
I wish I still had all my HW stuff from my childhood!!!
I have all my cars still, but am missing all the race tracks/playsets.
I don't have my cars...but that my Oct Halloween Horror Story

I could never reach a agreement on the other RWnB track last year, but found some 50' seamless RWnB I can live Old Glory Raceway is back on line....hopefully (and most likely) have it ready for racing in 2018.

Still like the Flying Colors track better, but this will fit the bill just fine.
It will be 25' per details to come
thumbs up for seamless
Yep, everything is going seamless moving forward

Well, I got outbid on the 50' RWnB seamless, so back to the backburner for Old Glory will get done, but now I want that RWnB seamless for the build. So, the Orange Monster will get my "build" attention moving forward in 2018 as the legs will be removed and the 6 Lane Raceway configured into a frame...stay tuned.

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