On the pegs in 2022...hopefully

redlinederby Wednesday, 1/5/2022
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As I look through the listing of new castings for 2022, there's a lot I'm liking already. While not a big fan of the Toon'd series, the VW and the Silverado look far too adorable to not get. I might consider a Toon'd race this year just to see more of these things. And that Legends Tour winning Firebird is a must, right? I think it could be the one Legends Tour casting that doesn't warm the pegs.

The Glory Chaser looks fun and like it could possibly be a good race candidate...as does the Mach It Go, which looks like 96% plastic but the metal chassis is just what we're looking for. And similarly, the Roadster Bite is sleek and ready to race.

I also see a listing for Barbie Extra yet no photo...so that means I'm going to have find that for my daughter.

Of course, finding any of these relies heavily on whether or not the pegs get refilled soon. My local Kroger, Target, and Walmart have been clean out since before Christmas. And if Walmart is having troubles getting inventory then we know we're hurting.

How are the pegs in your area?

And what new castings look good to you?

Which are you looking race?

Which do you just like see?


definitely the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37!

  • I'm always good to grab any exotics so Lambo for sure — redlinederby

Love the Firebird and have grabbed a couple already.

Also love the Ford Sierra Cosworth. That car was a motor racing legend in NZ, Aus and the UK back in the day.

  • The Cosworth is a good looking car. Nothing flashy but solid and ready to go. Looks like a good one to mod too, plenty of room. — redlinederby
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Coopdevil 1/5/22

Pickings have been poor for a few months here in England but I did find the Count Muskula on the pegs surrounded by a bunch of peg-warmers a couple days ago in a local chain toy shop. 

my pegs have been pretty much cleaned for months it has probably been since early to mid 2020 since I have seen a lot of cars on the shelves, my collection hasn't grown in a while because even if I don't love a casting I get it but I pretty much have everything I can get my hands on. OFC there is Amazon but the newer castings aren't listed yet so gonna have to wait until mid 2022.

  • The pegs in NZ have been bare for ages but that new case just dropped before Xmas so I went a bit crazy especially after being in lockdown for like 3 months — Chaos_Canyon
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Kevblokey 1/6/22

Here in the U.K. the supply of Mattel products is very hit & miss at the best of times, A - D cases have made an appearance in various places, but all the licenced stuff seems to go as soon as it's put out. Certain castings are proving difficult to find, not least the Sierra Cosworh, not that surprising I guess as it was a staple diet of British boy racers during the 80/90s. I'll find one eventually, he said...

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Rusty_Rod 1/6/22

The pegs are pretty much empty everywhere here in southern Ohio, I got really lucky and snagged the last legends firebird at the local Kroger store,luckily the card and plastic bubble was in mint condition.Hopefully I can snag a couple more that I can when stores in my area restock,I'd love to modify 1 to race.In all the years Ive been collecting Hot wheels,and matchbox, I have never seen the shelves,and pegs this bare.

  • Have you tried traders world of treasure aisles flea market yet? There's a diecast dealer at Richwood flea market but I haven't been there in months. We rode up to Cincinnati on Tuesday. The Sharon ville area was empty. Found one mixed bin of 2020, 2021, and 2022 cars at Kroger's on mall rd in Florence, Ky. A local collector near me says there's some in Madison, Indiana. Haven't been there in a bit either. — CrazyEights
  • Thanks for the tip ,I’ll check it out this weekend — Rusty_Rod

Pegs have been cleaned out for months...Did get lucky once and found the '70 Firebird and the Sierra Cosworth. Looking forward to the Lambo, Aston Martin Valhalla, Super Silhouette Nissan Silvia and HW's take on the 2020 Corvette. Good luck ya'll.

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redlinederby 1/8/22
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Well...I happened to be at a not-so-local Kroger and they had one lone bin of mainlines off the beaten path, but it was filled to the brim. They were all the late 2021 inventory so I didn't grab but a few, but every now and then you get lucky, just gotta keep an eye out!

  • Kroger's seems to have more than Walmart right now. My Walmart says they can't get them and even took the pegs down to make room for other toys. — CrazyEights
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InsaneG 1/9/22

Although the nearest toy store (Toys R Us to be specific) is 100km from where I live, hopefully I would be greeted with some Mighty K's, Trueno's, the new BMW 3.0 CSL and more real life castings. The tooned cars are also pretty good this year! The Volkswagen is cute little must have gem. Also wishing to catch my first TH or STH (if the scalpers haven't caught them yet lol).

Pegs are empty everywhere in the Illinois Valley and this point I'd be happy to see anything new hit the stores.

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GT_Diecast 3/2/22

Where do you buy all those cars. I'm new, so I don't know almost anything.

  • Depends where in the world you are. In the US, Walmart, Target, many of the big box dept. stores have space dedicated to Hot Wheels. For me, the grocery stores are good where I live. I also have a nearly weekly flea market that has always has new and old cars to check out ... I've had feast and famine luck at thrift stores, too. You can always jump on ebay and find nearly anything you'd want for cars as well, if you have something particular in mind. — Bongo
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