Tournaments and RacingOpen Stock at Diecast 64 has been Blazing in 2018

That was some great racing action! Congrats to Red Pill Racing for earning the top spot. I think that's the most Fairmonts I've ever witnessed in one tournament. It's almost like they've replaced the F40 as entry of choice. And Go Go Maxzilla has the fastest Porsche 928 I've ever seen. I'd almost given up on that casting since I've been unable to find a truly fast I obviously need to keep looking.

It's been unreal, my Side Kick averaged 396.3 scale mph and low 2.4 second runs and didn't make the Top 10...some serious speed going down in Southern Utah!!!! 

Well, my two for March are faster than my two for February...hopefully crack the top 10 this month.

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