Outback Run Season 2

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021
Hosted by DyNMQ / SilverFox Racing
DyNMQ Sunday, 1/31/2021

When & Where

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

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Outback Run Season 2 - Full of carnages and fun! In the Outback Run, only the most skilful driver will become the king! From 24 racers to only one, who will conquer the Outback Run.

Our track : 15ft long banger track made from wooden planks.

We still have a few spots in need so comment down under our driver signup at our facebook group : www.facebook.com/groups/178100403948814/?ref=share

Link to the preview : youtu.be/tqrzmLh5qTI

Wanna have a sign or ad on our track? You can do so for free by messaging us on our Facebook page : www.facebook.com/groups/178100403948814/?ref=share

This is our second tournament to be held so we will try and improve the quality on future races. Thank you and race on! ????


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DyNMQ 2/9/21

Outback Run S2 | Qualifying Round Part 1 Video uploaded already!

Watch it here:


Have a great day!

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DyNMQ 2/12/21

Outback Run S2 | Qualifying Round Part 2 Video is up and ready

Link here : youtu.be/ChF1YeHrRvw

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DyNMQ 7/31/21

I'm terribly sorry for taking a hiatus on the diecast racing scene. Though this tournament has already been abolished, a new one is set and there will be 4 rounds of epic rally action - in a cardboard style way!

Outback Run 2.0 Round 1 Video is here:


Thank you for understanding fellow racers :)

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