Painting with FIRE !

WidowmakerRun Thursday, 11/19/2020

Demo of me painting with fire and alcohol inks.


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SpyDude 11/19/20

DUDE ..... that's crazy!  But man, those COLORS ................

Awesome demo.

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Blipside 11/20/20

Interesting concept.  What paints were you using?  I like the paint holder you were using, going to steal the idea.  :)

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DXPRacing 11/20/20

What kind of topcoat do you use to seal the finish?? 

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redlinederby 11/20/20
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Maybe I'm missing it or just not seeing you put the inks on and dry them, they seem to stay on there. Then you add the fire and that does....what...? Does it stain the metal? I guess I'm trying to think about the science of this stuff, I guess. What would it do if you didn't use the fire?

  • I think the fire causes the alcohol ink to etch the color onto the bare metal. Otherwise, it would simply wipe off when the car was handled. — SpyDude
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WidowmakerRun 11/20/20

Tim Holtz alcohol ink at michaels, hobby lobby, etc.  Must be sealed with Kamar Varnish 3 coats , before any regular clear coat, or the alcohol will just come off.  

The heat gun and fire make the ink dry rapidly.  If not used it acts like water and just goes all over uncontrollably.   you can see in tge video, i try to keep it hot so the ink boils ogf and dries quickly.

Fire stops the ink from spreading and causes color changes and outlines.

If anyone wants to request me to build them a car with FIRE or just follow my work, here is my facebook group.

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