Piston Junction Build Journal

StarCorps Saturday, 8/5/2023

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Piston Junction Track Journal - a quick update as to how the track is coming this weekend.

I have to return Slanman's start and finish gates for a tweak that got overlooked in the building and a repair of a non-functioning componant - and he's graciously upgrading it from a wired button-start to a full remote control, so right now I'm using my backup start gate.


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dr_dodge 8/5/23

Wow, what a wonderfully ambitious build!

Nicely complex, and lots of track in a small-ish footprint

I notice the rough on the iron bridge and think you can use that to look like rust

Paint it and go to hobby lobby and get "earth tone" pastel sticks

drag them all over the rough spots

a little alcohol/ink to get the colors to wash, bond it with hair spray (spritzer container) after it dries

the texture would be world class old ass bridge

I am lovin' this build!

Looking amazing! Keep posting!


  • I will! The bridge is sprayed in hammered iron right now, and after that, we rust it up. No infrastructure is shiney and perfect after an apocalypse. You just can't have that. I'd show a picture here, but I can't seem to figure out how to post a picture in a response. — StarCorps
  • Oh, I just make a new comment. There it is below. — StarCorps
  • Ive done the HO train stuff for years, and the pastel chalk is the secret, and if it looks like crap, rinse it off and do it again — dr_dodge
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StarCorps 8/5/23

The bridge is partially assembled and sprayed, with the road track firmly mounted.  

Next, rusting it up.

  • that is gonna look good! — dr_dodge
  • that bridge is awesome! — IdRatherDieCast
  • Thanks guys. I still need to print the top connecting units, spray them and add them on - but I am keeping them removable for track maintainance. There's no glue in that bridge, either. It's sectional, the peices slot in to each other and its screwed to a supporting rod beneath it. — StarCorps
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StarCorps 8/14/23

Picture 1: After figuring out how to build the bridge properly, I disassembled it and am reassembling it on its proper length.

Pic 2: The bridge itself is 41 inches long. It's mounted to a 6 foot 1 by 1 square length.
I centered the strut and then the bridge itself between the two corners it was bridging and marked the wood to guide me in placement, then took the structural strut down.

Pic 3: After fastening the bridge (four 3/4 inch wood screws) on the strut, I put the strut back in place on the main structure to plot and lay the track.

I know exactly how much track I need and the specific lengths, so I marked where the first track join would be.

I then affixed the first Slanman Customs track joiner.

Pic 4 and 5: Using the first joiner as a marker, I laid my track length over the joiner, covering it fully. I then affixed another joiner at the other end.

Because each joiner will be half under each track section, they will be perfectly placed.

To keep the track from bowing and to keep it rigid, I used more connectors at an equal distance, using a laser to ensure they are centered and aligned.

Here you see the laser hitting my drill bit, as I predrill the holes for the screws, ensuring I am on target.

Here, we see how the laser level proves the roads straightness.

Blammo, perfect!

  • very nice! Good idea with the laser! — dr_dodge
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StarCorps 10/19/23

Some track decoration - a downed airliner thats been tagged by the Earth Resistance. 

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StarCorps 10/19/23

A shot of the background rock wall facing I am using. 

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StarCorps 10/19/23

A close in on the Wrecking yard and Garage near the finish line. 

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StarCorps 10/19/23

The Piston Junction Wrecking yard and Garage. 

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StarCorps 10/19/23

  • Great work. I have a thing for ramped flatbed trailers and you have made great use of it. Siskel and Ebert say "two thumbs up." — LobotomyScam
  • Thank you kindly! — StarCorps
  • When I was a kid, we transported my moms (Yes, my mother) 1969 Apollo amatuer stocker to the Bonneville Speedway for her to race on something like this. Always pissed me off that we just got that car tuned when another driver hit her rear quarter pannel into turn 3 and she put the car in the wall at 70. — StarCorps
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StarCorps 10/19/23

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StarCorps 10/21/23

Starting on the Temple of Combustion.  

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StarCorps 10/21/23

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StarCorps 10/21/23

In the Temple of Combustion, people leave offerings and honors to the gods of the V8 and to victory.

  • love it, it's all got a great look to it. — dr_dodge

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