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Policeman Ball

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DXPRacing 5/6/24

Racers that have arrived:(I apologize that I may not know your race team name...yet) 

DSR- J Thompson

E67 Race Team

Clay Olson

Mark Robak

Jeremy Rodrigues

Davron Elliott

Knobby Ridge Dragway

Scott Crain

White Knuckle Motoring Speed Shop

Dutch Clutch Racing

  • Mine shipped today. Should reach you by Monday. — FeralPatrick
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RayRaySugar 5/10/24

Hey Dale. Does a bomb squad truck count?

  • No it does not. Police, Sheriff, Hwy Patrol, or Security — DXPRacing
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Numbskull 5/11/24

I will be there.  On time  ... ish.

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RayRaySugar 5/16/24

Am I the only one going insane building for this race? I've built three cars so far, one with standard wheels, another with medium, and yet another with large wheels, and all are within .006 of each other on a 25' track. All very different cars, but almost identical wheelbases. I don't have a seamless track to test on, so I have nooo idea which one to send. Shoot me someone and put me out of my misery! :D 

  • I literally only had one viable cop car to use, so my decision was made for me. Then I ordered 5 more and still went with the first one. lol. — FeralPatrick
  • I'm very close to choosing my first one too. I'm not really happy with any of them. I don't send a car out any longer until it can beat my time machine, and none of them are close. Dammit! — RayRaySugar
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DXPRacing 5/18/24

New Arrivals

Bolo Brown

Harold O'Neal

Tomi Eloranta

R Denning

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DXPRacing 5/18/24

Trophy has arrived

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X2Whiskey 5/19/24

Pardon my newb questions:

Would replacing the axles with nickle-plated dressmaker pins violate your axle rules?

Is it acceptable to cut stock axles for polishing and then remounting them into tubes?

Would adding washers/beads inbetween the wheels and chassis be acceptable, or are those considered bearings?

I might do a last minute scramble, but it'd be tight...  Thanks for your time!

  • The rules state, “ Retail axles and wheels only.” so no. If the host allows for pins, they’ll say any axles are allowed. — RLoRacing
  • Thank you. — X2Whiskey
  • my own testing, unless someone is getting "stupid hard" pins after a bunch of hard corners, or stop box landings they bend way easier than HW stub axles — dr_dodge
  • heavier the car shorter the lifespan of straightness — dr_dodge
  • Great tidbit there, thanks. — X2Whiskey
  • No you cannot use pins, however if you want to cut the retail axle and use a tube that is allowed. I will allow beads used as a spacer as well. I see no problem with that — DXPRacing
  • Thanks! — X2Whiskey
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DXPRacing 5/20/24

Due to an unforeseen circumstance beyond my control, racers will now have until June 1st to submit their cars.  Racing will pushed back a week.  Make'em fast!!!!

  • This is great for me. I got the due date and the race dates wrong. Mine will be going out tomorrow. — johnson9195

I collect police vehicles, because of my dad, how the heck am I going to choose just one.

Count me in please.

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DXPRacing 5/24/24

New arrivals

MWAI Racing

William Wilson

Brian Oldford

Ryan Lopez

Patrick Rodriquez

Patrick Dentinger

Flips Racing

Elevation Diecast

RC Attucks

JAC Racing

Sugar Booty Racing

Fat Dad

HSL Diecast

Chase Family Racing

Craig Nelson

Diecast Show Customs

  • Who’s this Ryan Lopez?? Lol — RLoRacing
  • I bet he has a cool vehicle — DXPRacing
  • Hot Nuts Diecast Racing in the HOUSE!!! a.k.a. 'Fuzz Nuts' this event — CraigsterSr
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DXPRacing 5/24/24

New arrivals

Larro Reid

FPD Racing

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johnson9195 5/25/24

On it's way to the Policeman Ball. Sorry for almost missing the deadline.

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