Poppa Speed Invitational rescheduled for Aug 8th

LeagueofSpeed Wednesday, 7/8/2020

We had to move the Invitational back to Aug 8th...

My Mom wanted to keep Dad's ashes for awhile...she just couldn't spread them after he passed last July 13th last year...so she's ready to do it on the weekend of July 25th...so we've moved the Invitational back to Aug 8th

...Thanks for your patience 

...Peace and Speed 


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Mattman213 7/8/20

Got it!


My condolences and prayers to you and yours at this time. I had similar circumstances with my dad. It was my brother who could not let go. His ashes were stowed away in his closet. With coaxing we eventually buried his ashes with our own hands. It was a pretty powerful moment as it will be for you. 

Life comes first. This thing of our can wait for another day.

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