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Poppa Speed Invitational

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Can I enter the stock Funny Car

I want in on the Funny Car Division. Ordered a few different cars to test before I send them out.

I have my Pro-Stock Donors Ready for a Big Block Motor Swap with Twin Turbos Hoosier Tires and possibly Carbon Fiber Hoods...... or I might just leave the the way they are???? STOCK

  • That silver one hasn't had the wheel wells hogged out has it... — LeagueofSpeed
  • ...can't hog out any wheel wells on Pro Stock entries — LeagueofSpeed
  • It's just a firebird like the Huffman and the gold China based one so not Pro-stock — Mattman213
  • Cool beans — LeagueofSpeed
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Uncle_Elvis 4/23/20

As long as you do not mind a total newb, sign me up for the Dragster and Funny Car divisions.

With the funny car--any stock, opening body hot wheels casting is legal? 

  • Yes on the FC...and welcome to RLD — LeagueofSpeed
  • Awesome. Will get two dragsters and two funny cars heading your way — Uncle_Elvis
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Dadvball 4/24/20

Would this be a possibility?  Found this scrounging through my stuff.   HW Super Tuned. Kinda has a Dodge look and wheels are tucked. If not no big deal. 

Oddly enough, being a drag racing fan, especially of Pro Stock and the older style, I don't have a single Pro Stock casting in my collection. 

Kit Kayem of Gen-X Vintage Racing will have a team in the Pro Stocks event.  

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Uncle_Elvis 5/10/20

Hey Leagueofspeed I know I said FC and Dragster divisions, but can I change that to a team in all five classes please?  

Clarification: Is it possible to enter two categories?  Or, are we limited to one or all five?

  • One...two...three...four...five...your choice — LeagueofSpeed
  • Cool. Gen-X Vintage Racing will for sure be entering in the Pro Stocks (you already knew that) and the Dragsters. I've got my base models for the GUD category, I'm just not sure I'll actually have something race-worthy by the time it has to be sent. So... 2, maybe 3. — GenX_VintageRacing
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GhostDriver 5/29/20

I know I'm super late. But I wanted to see if the FC and Stock Car are still open. If so put me down please! Thanks!

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Uncle_Elvis 6/5/20

Would you believe me if I said the old, beat up firebird was the fastest of the lot?

  • Nope — LeagueofSpeed
  • Okay, so it was not the fastest. Did end up the third quickest in the group though. I am actually surprised how slow the caddy is — Uncle_Elvis

Got my funny cars ran and boxed. Mailing out tomorrow for the July event. First time racer here! As long as I beat one team and I'm not last, its a victory. -EightOC Racing

  • That is pretty much my philosophy too. Not so much to win, but don't finish last! lol — TuxMcBea
  • I actually feel pretty good about these cars. I think I can place better than I should being new. — EightOCRacing

2 Funny Cars were mailed to you today LOS.

Careful opening the box. Flames and fury that shoot out may cause injury. ????

Thanks for hosting such a great event!

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