Poppa Speed Invitational

Saturday, August 8th, 2020
LeagueofSpeed Tuesday, 2/18/2020

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Welcome to the Poppa Speed Invitational! Here you can comment and reply, pump the hype, talk trash, ask questions, post pics of your builds and just follow along and get ready for the event.

The Poppa Speed Invitational will be held July 18th - 25th (or until complete).

There will be 5 Divisions in the Invitational and each division will have it's own rules and specs. Threads with the sign-up list embeded in each one with the comments disabled. Comment below concerning race topics.


You can get the latest points standings here

The Divisions

Please see the individual Division Threads for rules, specs, and entry lists but use this thread for commenting, questions, photos, etc.Individual event threads will not have have comments enabled.

Entry overview

  • Each Division is capped at 32 Teams/64 Cars. A team must be 2 cars per Division.
  • Racers may enter just one(1) Division or all five(5). Racer's choice.

Comment below to select the Divisions you'd like to enter. Your team will be added to the team list embedded in each Division Thread.

Racing for charity

I will be matching every car sent in with a $1 contribution - so a full field would be $320 - that will be tallied up and a check will be given to Cape Fear Hospice in Wilmington, NC. It will be designated for the Kitchen so it can help keep it stocked for the Families who are in the Hospice Stage. It was a place of refuge and conversation for my family at that time and for many of the Families who come to Cape Fear Hospice.

If Racers would like to send in a small donation with their cars, it will be added to the donation amount, but you are by no means required to do so or expected too. You can also donate online.

We hope for a full field but remember you can race in just one Division if you'd like...we just want to provide for and see some Great Racing for a Noble Cause and Gesture.

Also, please let us know if you have lost someone to cancer in your life.

...Looking Forward to This One!!!!

...Peace and Speed - The Legion of Speed    


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Mattman213 2/18/20

Im in as always but not sure which divisions just yet, Ill look at each individual thread when they are available and go from there.  I know for a fact Ill join Gasser and likely HW Dragster, possibly stock Funny Cars for fun but need to know more about Pro Stock and GUD before I know.


  • Just let me know...only one I'll sign you up for now is the Gassers Division. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Oh im liking this. Gonna be alot of work but put me in for all divisions. I may not be very competitive BUT Im gonna have so much fun building these entries AND its for a very very good cause! I think this time around my team and L&M Racing will combine forces, one car each to field one team per Division! Luke has almost all of the cars we need to make this happen except for a select few and Ill hunt those down! — Mattman213
  • Fantastic...I'll put you down for all 5 — LeagueofSpeed
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redlinederby 2/18/20
Site manager

Good deal. I'm good for 2 in the stock Funny Car division.

  • Excellent and accounted for...think I might know one of your FC's already — LeagueofSpeed

Example of Axel Channels for GUD Division 

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WorpeX 2/18/20

I'm not sure yet... its pretty far out.

I don't have any of the standard HW funny cars (edit: dragster) at this point so i'll have to find some if I want to participate in that. Would be pretty fun to mod one up and put logos on though.

I could send Snake & Mongoose for the funny car division but I feel like everyone will do that!

I'm not sure I understand what a pro-stock is...

Not a fan of gassers, I would almost certainly skip this division.

No idea if I have the skill to make a GUD... we'll see... I might have some spare bases that could work

  • Funny Cars are Stock Only — LeagueofSpeed
  • I know. Snake and Mongoose are stocks... — WorpeX
  • Ok...sounded like you were talking about modding a FC above — LeagueofSpeed
  • just search engine...Hot Wheels Pro Stock and several will pop up — LeagueofSpeed
  • Pro Stock is a Class/Division in Drag Racing — LeagueofSpeed
  • Oh, I see, I mean HW dragster I don't have, not funny car — WorpeX

Well......... If Theres a Race, I am gonna try and Race in it. So count me in on ALL 5

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Dadvball 2/18/20

Put me in for all 5 please. 

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41-14 2/19/20

Funny cars = 4 teams (41-14, Little Bug, Wild Rose, and Paradox)

gassers = 2 teams (41-14 and Little Bug)

pro stock = 1 team (41-14)

dragsters = 1 team (41-14)

GUD = 1 team (41-14)

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213Racing 2/19/20

Can the Gassers be custom made? For example, can I take a 32 Ford lift the front and put skinnies on it, or does it have to be originally cast as a Gasser?

  • Show me some progress pics...but I most likely would let it race — LeagueofSpeed
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NDeavers80 2/19/20

I'm in.... and if you have to ask the answer is yes.

Count me in for HW Dragster, as per our phone call(Thank you!!!)

And I'm gonna make a solid effort to get some Funny Cars to you... I'll keep you posted on that....

I just noticed something while checking the wheels on my Dragsters...they came with two(2) different size rear wheels. So, I'll be adding this to the Rules and Specs in the HW Dragster thread. Rear Wheels must be the larger size in your Builds...we want the Specs the same. 

Rear Wheel Donors are Bone Shaker...Way 2 Fast and Rocket Oil Special that I can name off the top...but there's more donor cars out there to be found.

  • Are the fronts the same size whether they are the MGW or Micro5SP? — Uncle_Elvis

There's at least 1 more definitely and maybe 2 more Front Wheel donors for the HW Dragster...but with the Ice Shredder you get two(2) Fronts.

  • Also the honda city turbo should be a front donor — NDeavers80
  • City Turbo is not a fit. Glad you mentioned it though. When I went to get one, I found the Zamac one. Yay! — Uncle_Elvis

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