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Poppa Speed Invitational

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Peter_Bee 6/27/20

I have my 2 Funny cars and 2 Pro Stocks ready to go. My 2 HW Dragsters will be done in a few hours. My first mods are getting sent in to race! So freekin' cool. I want to Thank League of Speed, Red pill Racing and Diecast 64(E) for their instructional vids. I expect to finish last in every event I enter this time, but I'm racing! And I've learned quite a bit from modifying the 4 cars for this race. It's my first step towards being a competitive diecast racer. Thanks again and Good Luck to all!

  • Best of luck Peter_Bee! — Your_Nightmare
  • As you always say, "Speed is relative". I hope it isn't a too distant cousin! — Peter_Bee
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redlinederby 6/27/20
Site manager

I thought I could do the Dragster division but given time, I'm going to have to just enter the Funny division with 2 cars and that'll be it for me. Gotta dig 'em out and dust 'em off...

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Dadvball 6/29/20

Is the Neet Streeter considered a gasser?  How about the Blvd Cruiser?  It's got the rake of a gasser.  

Did I get my funny cars in on time? I didn't see my team name on the list? EightOC Racing

Did the Race date change?

Well heres abetter question, What date are the cars due in?

So Many Races So Little Time! ZOOOooooommm

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Dadvball 6/30/20

I have my Dragsters and Funny Cars ready to go. Just started on the GUD entries as I have the parts. May have to pull out of the Pro Stock and Gassers as I only have 1 of each. Haven't been able to find the other 2 yet even with some help and time's running out. I'm on vacation the week before so I need to get these sent out before that. 

This here's another question, the Rears on a Dragster Have to be Fats correct? So what qualifies as a fat rear tire? It was pointed out that the rears from a Bone Shaker would be a good set of wheels to use. So can I use them on the GUD build or do I have to use the fatter ones? I ask this question because the width of the fatter wheels will change the width of the car, so therefore I would have to narrow my frame. 

  • The wider wheels are "fats" and what I believe LOS is looking for on the GUD builds but dragsters just have to have the taller skinny wheels like the back of the Shaker have.. — Mattman213
  • Bingo — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thanks for the feedback, sorry about all the questions. I just wanted to build it correct. — RIVERA_RACING
  • Heck yeah better to clarify than to be DQ'd all day long!!! — Mattman213

Just a little side note to everyone. I actually built 2 dragsters and was in the final stages of setting the race wheels and paint. Then I went to re-check the specks on the build and realized that the wheel base on a stock hotwheels dragster is 2-3/4 inch long and the specks are 1-7/8 to 2-1/4 inch apart. Therefore I built the wrong style of dragster. UGH!!!!!  it was fast!

335 Miles per hour in 3.61 seconds

  • Wrong rear wheels and engine isnt quiiiiiiiiiiiite mid or rear. Sucker looks slick tho, I would adapt it to fit the rules if at all possible!!! — Mattman213
  • Thanks! No Problem.... I am already building 2 more to fit the specks. — RIVERA_RACING
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Dadvball 7/8/20

First one is done. Best I can do for weight is 28.3g. I'm happy with the look but I'll be staring at a lot of parachutes. 

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PoBoy_Racing 7/12/20

I see the race date changed from July 25 to Aug 8.

    What is the reason, if I may ask


  • Separate thread up about it — LeagueofSpeed
  • ...well there was a separate business on the 25th now... — LeagueofSpeed
  • Ok, hope all is well!!! Stay Safe!!!! — PoBoy_Racing
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VoxxerRacing 7/16/20

Voxxer Racing GUD Black 

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Dadvball 7/17/20

Here's my 2nd GUD with a pic of his brother. Comes in at 27.9 and is a little quicker thanks to the FTEs. Back half is plastic from the Tooned Camaro and the front is from an extra dragster. Have to see if I can get a little more out of both of them. 

Sorry for the pic quality. The iPad is an older one and the lighting isn't that great. 

  • WOOT glad to see I wont be the only one stretching the limits with two motors!!! — Mattman213

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