Customizing and TuningPrecision Axles and Bushings

Okay guys, I was going to keep this one on the down low, but I've got an idea for axles and wheel hubs, potentially improving on C10's design. 

So in my research of materials for axles I came across the dimensions for medical needles. For example, a 20 gauge needle is the same diameter as stock axles. They are inexpensive and easy to obtain materials. And in my experience, medical grade stainless can be polished smoother than nickel plating. 

Since they are manufactured to strict and exacting standards, and come in many precise inner and outer diameters, wouldn't it be possible to build an axle/hub assembly with these needles?

I've drawn up a rough sketch of what I'd think would be a good improvement on wheel bushings based on C10's design.

Build it, win... and you'll be Famous!

Solid planning, and a proof of concept go along way.  Looking forward to your testing, results, and builds!

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