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Pro Series: Fantasy Fallout, December

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aircooled 12/27/16

Have the cars been mailed out?

  • No. Hopefully later this week. I'll post when I do, fear not. — redlinederby
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Chopper 12/30/16

Hi all,

Justed posted the new Hot 64 Episode, which gives a wrap up of the ProSeries. Thanks to all of you for the great racing this year. It's been a blast to watch. Looking forward to more great races in 2017.


  • Cool! — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • Thanks! Voxxer, did that Turbolence ever race in another event? Would love to see it in action. — Chopper
  • No tother race for the Turbolence, however, that mistake, made me better. — VoxxerRacing
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redlinederby 1/5/17
Site manager

I'm finally getting around to wrapping up cars for their return trips home. Sorry for the long delay, holidays and all...

Here are some parting shots of the entrants.

Traction Event & Voxxer Racing

EconoCarl & Aircooled

Tracksurgeon & JDC442

I'll make another quick post once cars are in the mail and can PM tracking numbers.

  • nice rides, Aircooled running narrowed wheels...better watch this guy... — Traction-Event
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redlinederby 1/9/17
Site manager

Cars were shipped out this past weekend. Entrants should have gotten PMs with tracking link.

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redlinederby 1/24/17
Site manager

If it wasn't official before, it is now. Voxxer Racing is the champ.

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aircooled 1/25/17

Congratulations Jon, on your championship!!!   You are the guy to catch for sure.

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