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When: Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome to 2016 Pro Series Mad Max Monster. This is the fifth of 6 tournaments that make up the 2016 Redline Derby Pro SeriesEntry is open to everyone. You do not have to have entrered a previous Pro Series tournament to qualify. The points earned in this tournament go towards each racer's Pro Series total. At the end of the year, the racer with the most total points in will be crowned champion.

This will be a standard, double-elimination bracket. The car that wins the final, wins this tournament. Points earned only go towards the Pro Series total, they do not determine the winner of this tournament. 

The final Pro Series tournament will be held in December.

Mad Max Monsters

Last year we hosted a Frankenbuild tournament that was a lot of fun and very successful so we decided to do it again this year but make it part of the Pro Series.

This tournament is pretty open with some unique restrictions. The biggest restriction is that you must use several cars to make your entry. No "accessories" for this gotta scrap your cars to get what you need.

Check out last year's Mad Max race for examples and inspiration


Congratulations to Voxxer Racing for another great Pro Series performance.

  • Voxxer Racing, 40pts
  • Aircooled, 10pts
  • MoHasAFastCar, 10pts

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight: 60g min, 80g max
  • Car size: 4" max length, 2" max height. Width should fit on standard HW orange track.
  • Limit 1 cars per entrant
  • Any brand
  • Retail wheels and axles only. Any axle type allowed.
  • Cars must be made up of no less than 3 parts from 3 different cars. Wheels and axles do NOT count.
  • Any extra/additional weight must come from extra/chopped car parts; no lead, pinewood weights, coins, bolts, etc. 
  • Must be drilled rivets, no stock entries
  • Dry lubes only
  • Must be a new build. No previously raced cars.


The racer that wins this bracket will receive a $10 gift card (digital).

How to enter

The deadline for entries is October 21. Please make sure your entry is shipped so that it arrives before this date.

At this time, please PM the host, MoHasAFastCar, for his mailing address.

Please include an RLD Entry ID Card with your entry along with some money to cover the cost of returning your car if you want it back.

Scoring and Winning

This is a standard, double-elimination bracket. Each match-up will be best 2-out-3, alternating lanes. Seeding will be random as will any byes that are needed. The car that wins the bracket is champ. Points do not determine the winner of this tournament.

Pro Series points are +10 for every win in the main bracket. The tournament winner will receive +20 for the victory. There will be no points awarded for Loser Bracket wins.


Cars will be inspected on arrival and checked for weight and other conditions. Any car that fails inspection will be removed from the tournament and returned to the owner.

Each car is given one do-over if they come off the track during a run. If goes off track a second time, it will forfeit that match.

Host Track

Details and track photos will be posted when they are made available.

What does this mean? Car size: Length/height TBA

TBA=To be announced because I don't have track specs yet from the host

I think we have been down this road in the recent months.  Is there a good reason why the length/height cannot be set from the start?  We should get all the rules up front from the start at the same time. If you will remember in the truck race the length came up last minute.

Further track specs (slope, starting height, etc.) for your strategic planning to be announced by this weekend as I plan out how it's going to go.  Will be similar to when I hosted the Mini Tournament.

For car specs, track will be orange track, must fit that for width.  Height: Finish line is 3DBot Maker 4-lane, must fit through that, 2" max height.  Starting gate is an ever evolving flip up custom build, won't impact car dimensions.  Track will be able to accept any length cars, transition will be very gradual.  I'll let Brian set a max length.

**One request for a rule change/clarification is that wheels and axles do not count towards the 3 required source cars.  Or at most count as one regardless of the number of sources**  

Good call on the wheel/axles, rules updated

I will run two follow up races to extend the fun.

If you like the theme, there will be a second race with no limit to the number of entries.  Same rules, less stringently enforced at MY discretion.  Will incorporate an appearance contest for bonus points.  Send in your "failed" attempts, alternate builds, impractical ideas whatever.  Will race with all the Pro Series regular entrants on a slightly different track.  Small prize.  Owners of Pro Series cars can opt out if they desire.

Finally, I'll run them on the open track drag like last year which will have a new hopefully more slick surface.  2" width limit added if you want to build special for this race.  Small prize.  Racing this track can be rough on sensitive cars.  This will be an opt-in race.  Your car will NOT compete unless you specifically want it to.

Updated the rules with date, dimensions and excluding wheels/axles from the car count quota.

HOLE SHOT LIZZOTTE has 3 "maxes" for the race... pix when they get here for shipping...

His cars were great last time!

hi, new follower here, I just wondering the term 'dry lubes'. good tournaments by the way!

Graphite only

So I guess I never did finalize the track setup.  Kinda been quiet on this so people can focus on C10's pickup and hot rod race.  Anyway tried some setups today...going with 21 foot track.  Two foot gentle no transition drop over the first 9 to 10 feet.  A kicker 1" drop over the last 5 feet.  Will be running in the basement, east to west, no wind.  Will probably be about 66 to 68 degrees on race day, despite being a basement, humidity isn't very high cause this is Montana, likely 45% on race day.

Picture please.
Montana? I LOVE MONTANA!!! Wife and I just spent a weekend in Glacier NP. LOVED IT!!
Good to know there is no wind :)

 HOLE SHOT LIZZOTTE'S ... [1] booker...


HOLE SHOT LIZZOTTE'S...  lookers [rubber tires]

Pre-production shot of the Voxxer Racing entry...

Umm he cut up a drag bus?
If it fits, it sits!! Lol should be intetesting....
That is mad... Good to see you on here Voxxer

Voxxer's latest...

Not sure if my message to Mo sent properly or not.  Does anyone have the address of where to send the build to?

PM sent
PM sent
Would you please PM me the address. Thanks
Thanks guys!
Thanks for the info.

Hi guys, sorry I've been quiet, there's been some distractions.  For everyone else who needs it the address is:

Paul Kmosena

215 Ave B

Billings, MT 59101

Still time to get you cars in, won't be racing this weekend, likely the 29th if we feel there's enough to run.  Only one entry so far....

Mine is in the mail headed your way.   Is there a reason for delaying the race?

I always intended to race Halloween weekend. Earlier deadline for stragglers and photos and suspense building :)

Voxxer's car arrived safe and sound yesterday.

According to the tracking info my car was delivered yesterday.  

So as of yesterday, the official entry deadline, I only have three entries.  Voxxer, air cooled, and Finkle.  Are there any more in route?

I will ship this out
Should be there monday, I was on travel for work and just got it done
Great craftsmanship

Day and time of race ??

What time is the race going to be run this weekend?

The entrants are Voxxer, aircooled, Finkle, gtaman and MoHasAFastCar.  I'd do a round robin with this few, but since it's part of the Pro Series, I'll stick to the normal rules.  Races will be today but Mrs. Mo has taken it upon herself to crochet trick or treat bags for Simon's entire preschool class (just 9, but still woman).  Which is to say the video editor is busy so that might not be up till she finishes or needs a break...Late Late Sunday at the earliest or Tuesday at the Latest.  Monday, Halloween is a event filled otherwise busy day.  I might have known all this, but I'm not the best listener and I finally fixed the PS3 and have have been immersed in Skyrim for the past month and pretty much ignoring everything and everyone.

And having some image hosting issues (anyone know a super easy way to upload to host and post images with an IPad?  Photobucket is super glitchy on Safari) but pictures of competitors soon.  

If you don't care about any of this and just want to know, did I win, PM me.

The Bracket.

We'll you sure have a lot going on for sure.  For myself if you would just post the results of the race that would be fine with me.  It is always nice to have the video, but don't get wrapped around the axle trying to make it happen.  There are only so many hours in a day.   Thanks for hosting the race.

Gtaman's front wheels were loose and rubbing.  Fixed last night.  Everyone else was fine.

Race is in the books.  Winner is known.  PM me if you can't wait.  Me, I don't want to know the results till I see the video.

Your racers.







And the race.

Great racing and awesome music .
Super, and outstanding music! Like your starting gate, and starter...

Just wanted to check, have the cars been mailed out?

Well, they would have gone out today but upon arrival at the post office, I discovered it's Veteran's Day.  These national holidays that aren't on Monday or named after the very day they are on are sneaky.

wait till you retire... every day is Saterday...with the money of Tuesday... 1
I need to send $ for shipping, pm me your paypal

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