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Oh man, if I am rather distracted for a while, it's because I've jyst discovered quad copters...and quad copter racing!

I went to Maker Fair in NYC last weekend and there was LOTS of cool stuff there. But, the thing that really got me was seeing quad copters race! And what is really cool about them is tgat there is a little camera on the copters that transmits a signal back to the goggles thst you are other words, it's as if you are in the cockpit of the copter!

I picked up the little copter above to start practicing with, but I have a feeling that a full-on race quad is in my future. If you do a search for quad copter racing or drone racing, uou'll find some cool stuff...or just check out what a guy named Charpu is doing with these machines...very cool stuff!

That sounds like ALOT of fun...

Just don't let your Inktober slide Bro! 

LOL Your stuff is the best in all the Inktoberfest posted!!!

Good Stuff!!

Thanks Boone! The inktober tgat he is talking about is taking place on's where you do an ink drawing every day, based on a one word theme. It's fun...I've been enjoying doing some drawing instagram is critterwerks 

@critterwerks #inktober

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