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FredD Sunday, 2/4/2024

Being a noob, everything is new to me in 1/64th scale... I found this site for decals to do my cars for an upcoming Indycar race... they got them to me quick and they look great! The price was also very reasonable. I'll scan them and massage them as needed to fit the car for that race since these are actually for the 1970/71 indy car style. But they are very nice... They also have other race series decals not just indy.



Sweet! Those look pretty legit as well...I've used for my Indy car decals...they are out of Australia, but they have a huge library of white printed liveries from all manner of open wheel racing...but don't forget our good buddy Josh at RustBelt customs...he's the man when it comes to custom water slide decals.

  • Thanks! It is great to have options! — FredD
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