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Offroadfun2468 Saturday, 12/4/2021

I just realized that none off the tracks in the directory( unless I'm blind) are rally tracks. I have a track that has a ramp for cars to fly off on. Just an idea.


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InsaneG 12/5/21

Share your track with us! It would be great if we could see your rally track up in the directory to see :D

  • I've tried to enter it in the directory but it won't let me. — Offroadfun2468
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Chaos_Canyon 12/5/21

At Chaos Canyon, we have custom built a variety of different rally tracks - Check out our Rally 2021 playlist to see the only genuine hill climb diecast track (rather than just reveresed footage) plus a few others. 


Also check out Gravity Throttle Racing. They built a very cool permanent rally track.

  • Sick footage! Come to think of it, I have seen you're rally track on YouTube before. — Offroadfun2468
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