Fantasy LeagueRe-matches this Sunday, Ferrari cage match

This week's race has a double re-match between the Land Rover and Porsche 959. That was a *very* close first race between them, and this week they get to go at it TWICE! Not sure if that's good or not, at the mercy of the ratings.

The other race that I think I'm MORE excited for is the Ferrari-off...the two '97 models go heads-up. I'm putting my money on the Testarossa but I like the F40 car more. Maybe if that Rossa was red I'd think otherwise

Really happy to see the Super Van get the light of day too. I have high hopes that one.

Looking at the vote results so far, there are a lot of close matchups this week. Gonna be some good races.

/I voted for the 959. I think that this week the Land Rover will falter. Gotta happen sooner or later, right? Right?

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