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Redline Derby 10th Anniversary Rip-N-Roll

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redlinederby 9/17/19
Site manager

Full Round 2 racing action. Nightmare vs Worpex, North271 vs Finkle, Diecast64 vs LoS

Here's the bracket as of Round 2. League of Speed gets a bye into the final against whoever wins Round 3. It's the way the bracket made out since I was seeding and racing as cars came in - lesson learned. Anyway...Round 3 and Finals are next as well as single races for 4th and 5th place.

  • Nice race Nightmare!!! I'm out but thats okay cause I bought 2 Speed Bumps since I wasn't sure i'd get that one back. Time to rip this one open! — WorpeX
  • WorpeX, The Bump is real deal. I was fortunate to nose out the wins. That should bode well the rest of the way but you never know. Every piece left is crazy fast. — Your_Nightmare
  • Sad to see The Bump depart, but great to see such a close race - all the matchups should be awesome from here. — RobertBcfc
  • Worpex - will be great to see how The Bump does against your top cars - Bump vs Cadillac V16 and Bump vs Aeroflash should be great encounters — RobertBcfc
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redlinederby 9/18/19
Site manager

And we wrap this celebration up with races worthy of a final round. There was even a tie!!

Final bracket. Sorry for the ol' pen & wonky bracket didn't go over well digitally.

Congrats to Your Nightmare for plowing through the competition, and an incredible battle for the championship. Thanks to everyone that sent in cars to race. I know it just seems like a regular ol' rip-n-roll but this one was special, at least for me.

Bravo, everyone, bravo!

  • Great job and wouldn't have missed this milestone race...close but no cigar this time...Peace and Speed — LeagueofSpeed

Brian, kind words and a big thanks to you not just hosting the race but also for what you haven given to the community for 10 years!

League of Speed, it was up there with the best head to head championship battles I've witnessed. The tied race had my eyes wide and heart pounding. You're elite in the community and your Way2Fast was beastly. 

Much respect LOS.

They will meet again in a best of 5 rematch on my track. From there I'll ask Bubba if he would want me to ship them to him to have them go head to head on the '60 footer'.

  • Thank you for the kind words and an incredible battle it was fun just being part of it and seeing the Way 2 Fast duke it out vs Funny Cars every step of the way — LeagueofSpeed
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WorpeX 9/19/19

What a fantastic final race! Congrats to Your_Nightmare on winning the whole thing!

I really enjoyed this event. Thanks for hosting this Brian! Long live RLD!

Great race! Congratulations to the winner and Congratulations to Redlinederby!

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