Redline Derby Champions Trading cards, new race prize

redlinederby Saturday, 3/6/2021
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I know we don't focus on racing for prizes, but it is always nice to get something for your efforts and becoming a race champ.

I've struggled in the prize department for my races. I always rely on some RLD swag, a jig here and there, or some promo codes for the store...basically stuff I have already or can find that is within my budget (which is pretty much zero). I don't have the budget to get customized trophies for each event like some clubs do, and the prize sponsorships are few and far between as well.

So in an effort to come up with something fun, worthy, and affordable, I'm happy to show off the first Redline Derby Racing Champions Trading Card.

I'll be giving these to every RLD event winner this year. Healer Racing gets honors of being the first as the Rookie Rally II champion. It's standard trading card size so it'll find it with your binder of baseball and Pokemon cards. 

The front will show off your entry car, your name, and casting name (or car name). The back will have some basic "stats" about the car and builder. I might change some details and design a bit but they'll all basically look like this.

I thought it'd be neat to have something to commemorate your win that shows off the the car you built. With all the cars flying around the country racing, it's easy to forget which of your cars won which race. And I'd like to think it's cool to have some to remind you of your Redline Derby racing days when you dig this up in a few years. 

So you can look forward to getting one of these if you win an upcoming event, along with whatever other great prizes may be included.


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Uncle_Elvis 3/6/21

Wow, nice

Brilliant!  I love it.

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Big_Al 3/6/21

Awesome idea!  That first card looks great too.  Nice job on the design!

Very nice of you and a great idea. Now we just need some RLD races to enter. 

  • Plenty of next month, May, July, October, and I might add a year-end thing too. — redlinederby
  • The Pro Am? — BlueLineRacing
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SpyDude 3/6/21

DUDE .............. there you go.

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ChiefWopahoo 3/6/21
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and that's a win! Great idea Brian!

Wow! So cool!! That's such an awesome idea!

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Mattman213 3/7/21

Thats really a fun idea!


Thats pretty cool!!

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