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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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old school casting 1969

Heya, fellas! been a while since I've posted. but I'm back! since my last showroom post, I've still been tinkering and in my spare time while watching the nissan torunament unfold. And I thought I'd show off a build from a little while back. back in march I finalized my build for the beast. a 114 gram cadillac escalade. while building beast, I was left with a lot of spare parts. all plastic. I decided to see if I could build something out of said spare parts. so I'm now introducing... the SON of Beast! while only weighing 73 Grams, which is pretty light compared to it's father, the son of beast is lubed up with tons of graphite to compensate for it's lighter weight. like father like son, I also had to give it a huge engine sticking out of it's hood. however this one's slightly more modest coming off an old el camino casting. I'm excited to unleash the beast, and it's son soon!

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