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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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nice little haul

  • There is a haul thread on here somewhere. This isn't supposed to be it. — GenX_VintageRacing
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  • You know when you’re about to type something and instead you erase it a few times and decide you’re better off saying nothing? This is one of those times. — BlueLineRacing

Batmobile,Nissan Silvia, Cobra and Lamborghini Urus all with new chrome paint jobs.

Heya, everyone. I'm currently working on my entry for the mayes mountain nissan tournament.I'll be updating the post as the build progresses. as of right now, I've got the all of the weights welded in place, and the wheels lubed up. I'm currently in the painting stage as we speak, and waiting on some waterslide decals to arrive. I was able to squeeze just enough weight into this bad boy to get it up to 60 grams.


UPDATE: 9:05 PM 4/5/21

The painting stage is underway, with the base coat of pink and a clear coat to protect it. Time to start detailing.
UPDATE: 4:35 PM 4/6/21
Over the night, I detailed the body painting the hood, wing and lights in, and gave the car it's first spray of gloss clear coat. now it's time to play the waiting game and wait for the waterslide decals to arrive.

Test fit after the clear coat dried.
UPDATE: 6:16 PM 4/10/21

The first set of waterslide decals arrived. This was my first time using waterslides, so It's not exactly perfect. now I'm just waiting for the racing numbers to arrive and then it's pretty much ready to go out.
UPDATE: 4/12/21 the number decals arrived. I applied them and sprayed on the final layer of clear coat. the car's pretty much ready to be re assembled and be sent out

UPDATE: 4/13/21, 3:12 AM, after a long week of work, my submission's complete. the clear coat is dried, and the car is reassembled, since the last assembly, I swapped the old wheels for some new better looking and spinning ones. now, it's off to mayes mountain or bust!

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