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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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SpyDude 2/11/21

My first car, running in the Rookie Rally 2021. It's a well-battered '55 Chevy "project car," running on wheels from the Chevrolator casting.  About 3/4 of the patina was already on the car when I got it - I just touched it up a little, then did some more to it such as putting cracks in the windows, repainting a couple of panels, scratching it up even more, drilling out a headlight, and adding a driver. Amusing fact: when I drilled the car, I actually had to pour dirt out of it and pull weeds from around the axles! The car weighs in at just under 50g (like 49.8, I think).

Short video of some old Torino and Monte Carlo Stockers that I brought back to life from the 80s.

Getting a few cars ready for our upcoming GCR Spring Classic. If I have extra maybe I'll finally enter someone else's tournament! I really want to send a couple over to the King of the 621 soon. Here we've got a green modified Skyline, Modified '97 Corvette, modified '69 Charger, modified Mustang, and a mid-modifying Nova gasser! The Caddie is next followed by that slick black Audi in the background. I'm particularly fond of my Skyline with the bad paintjob. What are y'all up to today?

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