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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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TC3_Hobby 6/18/22


This is a #Porsche 935 this was a easy build. These gold rims make the car pop. 

  • I like this oneā€¦ black and gold is an excellent choice — Crazy_Canuck

Tokyo Metro (well, it's a Civic but you get the idea.) Entry for Monster Motorsports Race of the Rising Sun.

60g '70 Escort RS1600                            
62g '98 Prelude                                                
IG: @teamcabadiecast 

2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat (on a 2015 Charger SRT chassis & wheels)

For the Mountain of Doom event. 

For the compact speed event :D car #1 Citroen C4

car #2; Ford Fiesta, goin' to jolly old England!

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Endcount 6/28/22

Aston Martin Valhalla premium. Wjeels swapped, painted, and a teeny bit of weight added 

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MrDarq 6/28/22

Poison Ivy for Batman Badguy Bash over at Rust Belt!

First time mod for the Candy Mountain Grand Opening. Aligned, polished, and dry lubed axels, added weight, tinted windows, and smoothed wheels.

Jaguar XE SV Project 8 (58.5 g)

  • nice work — G_ForceRacing
  • Thank you! Pumped for the upcoming race. — DadBod_Racing
  • YES!!!! I need to do some research on smoothing wheels. (i just started building cars myself to mail in to races) — TinyTrackCars
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Crazy_Canuck 6/30/22

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Numbskull 6/30/22

Off to the Skyway.

  • very nice, love the black with red tire lines.... bet it flies.... — G_ForceRacing
  • Thanks dude. It is not too bad on the track. — Numbskull

'32 Coupe.... for the Coupe Chaos race.... 

  • Red is always fast. — Numbskull
  • I agree. The red effect. Nothing looks badder than a red car passing everyone else. — G_ForceRacing

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