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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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Endcount 7/1/22

Shoebox: swapped out plastic base and slow wheels for a metal base and better wheels  painted engine and windows, and base black  Got a little weight in there  too  Ready for a an old school drag race

  • Beautiful! — G_ForceRacing
  • Niiice! — MarkRich21
  • Old School Drag Race? Tell me more pleeeze! — MarkRich21
  • Old school drag race - I just meant it’s not so much a track racer as it is a downhill speed machine it also reminds me of something you would see outlaws race on the streets at night back in the late 60’s — Endcount
  • Aaahhh, I thought you were referring to a diecast race where this nice car should be sent to. — MarkRich21

Batman Badguy ride... look out RustBelt

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Crazy_Canuck 7/11/22

My next Outlaw...

This Sweetie Just rolled out of the Shop and getting ready for the JDM

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