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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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Ready for the Boneshaker tourney (as soon as I add weight).

Attempt #3 to post pics.

Okay. So I'm either losing my shit and old age has finally taken it's hold or it's been so long since I posted in a couple of heavy metal forums that I've forgotten how. Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm double posting my photos.

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Kingjester 5/11/23

My Rodger dodger 2.0 for yellowline 1 with an updated look to give it a more apocalyptic theme to fit with the event

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Kingjester 5/21/23

This modified 1970 Pontiac looks stock from the outside,but you know what they say it's on the inside that counts and in this case added weight bring it to 68.1 grams,the wheels  and axels even tho original to the car have been polished,sanded,and graphited giving it smoother rolling and wheel spin

Puffs' Mustang and Georgio's Lamborghini in Toronto at Marcus Firegone's garage, ready for the Cannonball Run to San Francisco!

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Numbskull Yesterday

Mod Rod Race @ Commotion Diecast

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