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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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Mayfield41 3/27/20

Not finished yet... I wont get to the level of some of you all. There is some real talent you all put into these 

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Go_Time 3/28/20

I haven't had a lot of time to build cars lately because I am a first responder, and this Coronavirus stuff is we all know.  However, I did have some down time today to work on an experimental car and here's what I came up with.  I have no idea what casting it is as it doesn't say on the bottom and I boneheaded it and didn't take any before pics.  Stay safe everyone.

*added before pic since LoS, just schooled me...

  • Looks like a Dixie Challenger or Bi-Focal II — LeagueofSpeed
  • Oh MAN YOU ARE GOOD MY FRIEND!!! yes, I just Google it, its a bi focal II. — Go_Time
  • I'm hanging in there — LeagueofSpeed
  • bye focal... they are a very nice casting.. should go good — madmax
  • Hmmm...I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I could identify the casting in it current state... :) — LeagueofSpeed
  • Lol! that is quite scary LoS! — TuxMcBea
  • I see you went to the Voxxer school of body sculpting...nice work — redlinederby
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Dadvball 3/29/20

Some of my small Gulf collection  these are the cars I have both colors in  These are the ones I need to find in the white version.  Assuming they made them in white.

  • Sweet — LeagueofSpeed
  • My bad, sorry. I just remembered this is pics of cars you've built. These are stock. — Dadvball

Had a Mountain Dew stocker with bad wheels. Went with these skinny yellow wheels that looked like they belonged on the “Super Dew”

  • Love it but have never had a set of the yellow skinnies worth a flip. Hope you found a food set and that thing rips!!!! I'm building a couple of those things as we speak, on for my Son and after seeing how awesome his is shaping up I started anotherforr myself! — Mattman213
  • I love this casting, and have quite a few of them that are loose with not so good wheels on them. My next one will probably have better farmed wheels on it — customLEDbikes
  • Love the yellow skinny wheels on the Mountain Dew stocker. Is it any good down the track? — Secondhand_Speed

Did a resto-mod project on my 1971 OG Redline Anti-Freeze Noodlehead. The 50 year old redline tires on it were no longer any good and were replaced with FTE’s wheel farmed from 2 different cars. The pipes are bronzed to kinda match the FTE’s and the blue HK window was replaced with a reproduction. It was a fun project, and now this rough car now has a brand new race life and is ready to hit the tracks. Now if only we can get a redline cars from pre-1975 race going to put this in?

  • Ive got a handful of beater Redlines I want to fix up one day but never really wanted to put newes wheels and axles in any of them. 70's and 80's castings tho, yep I love "restomodding" them that way! Would love to see how the ole Noodle head pans out tho! — Mattman213
  • Yeah, it’s fun reviving an old beater. I wanted to do something different than the Redlines on this one. I can’t wait for a race in the 100g to come up so I can enter it — customLEDbikes

found a S13 silvia casting while I was out the other day. It's long been one of my favourite cars so grabbing it was easy. Got it home ripped it open only to find one of the wheels was gouged and had a sliver of plastic hanging off of it. So now it has a FTE swap 

  • Not usually a fan of the Imports but Ive always liked the 240 Coupes with Silvia front clips so this casting appeals to me. Good job keeping it alive! — Mattman213
  • Very nice! I have a few of these still in the blister and one that is already taken apart, drilled and tapped. Is it fast with the FTE swap? — Secondhand_Speed
  • The casting seems pretty quick. My 3 year old has one and it usually beats out most of the other cars we have. I haven't tested this one yet. I don’t have an alignment jig set up yet. So the wheels are not set yet — mountainmandelta
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Mattman213 4/3/20

Ok Ive got quite a few mods in the hopper but with no races coming up anytime soon I thought Ide put them aside and finish this one up.

White Ice Speed Machine done up to match the Redline Mantis I have.  Lightly polished base with home done "Spectraflame" body and since its likely going to be raced down the road, it got another set of red wheels to match.  I dig it BUT I also like it with the white test body I have as well.  I might rob this red body to build an actual redline car with and put the white body back on.  Who knows. 

Its surprisingly quick too.  Not one Speed Seeker/Speed Machine has made my "List" and this one mops it up without any extra weight added.  Doesnt mean itll hold its own against other Mods but its a start!


  • Awe, ya gotta post a pic of the white body with the red glass and wheels. Just thinking about it and I already like it. — Dadvball
  • Nice builds. Are those red skinny wheels? — customLEDbikes
  • Looking good! I have some skinny wheel donors. Wheel farming them seems to be more difficult than a normal set of wheels. — Secondhand_Speed
  • Yeah SUPER hit or miss for sure. I lucked upon some really good wheels and have yet to find any since. I've got s couple more decent sets but have used up the really good ones now — Mattman213


  • It was hard keeping this under 60g...I wanted to go outta control and throw 100g’s in it, lol — customLEDbikes
  • I had to do a lot of shaving on the metal base I used on my F-150 for the Rookie Rally/Philly Farewell. — Secondhand_Speed
  • Yours looks awesome! I like all of the red. — Secondhand_Speed
  • F150s are great to mod, been beat by a couple and have a couple of my own that will be racing soon — Mattman213
  • Oh yeah...those F150's can be bangers at 125g+ — LeagueofSpeed

This is something I have been piddling with for a few weeks now on and off. I found this F40 in an antique shop with bent axles and no rear hatch. I took the engine out of a Hot Tub casting. I am not finished yet. I am still debating on how to finish it off. Maybe a GT style wing on the back? What do you think?

  • I dig it — LeagueofSpeed
  • Yeah wing it for sure!!! I have one without a hatch from when I was a kid and Im trying to figure out what to do with it as well. Ive already bought two junker F40s to steal the hatches but cant bring myself to do it to em LOL — Mattman213
  • This is awesome! I’ve been dying to do a mod like this. — customLEDbikes
  • LOL - That's awesome! When Mad Max finds a Ferrari in the desert — redlinederby

My CCM build for the Gov’ner/CCM race.

  • If those are the original wheels that a serious transformation. Nice handy work. — Mayfield41
  • Thanks brother. Everything is original on this one — customLEDbikes
  • Slick. Mean. — redlinederby

Today’s mod is a Tobasco Racing Champions 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge. Metal/Metal, It had skinny rubber tires on it, so I scrapped those and wheel farmed a Manga Tooner that has tiny OH5S wheels, and I had to take a rotary tool to the fenders, as I don’t like the concealed wheels behind the wheel well.

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