Redline Rundown #18

redlinederby Monday, 5/11/2020
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I hope everyone had a chance to thank mom yesterday, and today we thank the mother of small scale speed, Hot Wheels! The track building chatter has been hot and heavy lately, and full of lots of great photos and ideas. It's another week...hang in their, folks.


Track build journals
I guess when you're trapped inside you find inside projects, and for us that means a lot of track building. Check out the recent Track Build Journals and see what people have been up to. From classic drag strips to open track beauties.


Comparing video camera footage
This is a follow-up to a topic from last week discussing the various GoPro alternatives. The guys over at Chaos Canyon did some legit comparison video of a Runcam vs a GoPro. Check it out and see if it's maybe something that would work for you.

Which cars survived your childhood?
If you're like me, most of your childhood Hot Wheels died a spectacular death along the way. I only have a few from my younger days and they're not in very great shape either...but hey...that's what we did, right? We played. Hard.

Free background images for photos
Racing is why we're here but we all know it's a lot of fun to photograph our little cars. Wonderfully, the folks over at Small Car Garage are making a few printable background available for free. Definitely worth checking out.

Putting your races on the Redline Derby calendar
While Redline Derby does host our own races, our racing calendar is open for anyone racing to use and help promote their events. We've tried to make it easy to guide you through the process to get your racing the attention it needs and deserves.


The Rust Belt Racing Kid's Race is coming up in a couple weeks on May 22 and it'll be here quicker than you think. Start getting your cars to RBR.

Charger Summer is our great mail-in oasis for the summer and kicks off June 6. The car builds are starting to pop-up so check out some of the entries now and get yours ready to roll soon.

And looking ahead a bit, Rust Belt Racing's Lightweight Rally mail-in race is kicking off in July. There's a 32 entry cap and it's already more than half full, so claim your spot soon if you're itching for some mail-in mod racing.

YouTube Racing Roundup

The GNR Vintage Diecast Racing channel held their Jaguar Club Cup series this past week which saw CVT Motorsport grab the gold with his Jaguar E Type. Thanks to madmax for the report. Watch the replay.

Do you run a YouTube racing channel? Report your race results and get included in our weekly rundown.


Already gettign some awesome entries in for the Kids Race Series! Thank you everyone who's participating!

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