Redline Rundown #21

redlinederby Sunday, 5/31/2020
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Welcome to June, folks. It's time to kick of a summer of fun and racing. We all know this summer is a little different than years past but diecast racing can be a small escape for us all. Keep sharing those tracks, the cars, and all that great racing.


The new Diecast Racing Channel Guide
We gave the Big List of YouTube channels a little upgrade. The new Diecast Racing Channel Guide is your one-stop shop for the best channels and latest diecast racing action. Find your next favorite club and you can even add your own channel the guide.


Evolution of a modular track design
Member Stephen in Scotland has continued work on his modular track design. Check out how it has evolved from a few IKEA end tables to include some modeling and more. It's a great build journal to be following.

Dealing with multiple cameras
I remember when having just one camera shooting your race was great stuff...but not no more. Everyone wants more cameras, more angles, more action...but it's not that easy to manage. Lets talk about how to deal with all that footage.

Infinite FTE axles
You can chase FTEs and other nickel-plated axle castings, or you can...use sewing pins? This isn't exactly a new discovery but I'm surprised they don't come up more often when modding. Have you tried the sewing pin axles?

Last week in racing highlights
Get caught up on what's been happening in the world of diecast racing with the DSPN Replays of the Week from Chas Canyon.


Charger Summer is here! The green flag drops in only a couple weeks and all the Dodges are starting to arrive at the starting line. Check the entries and get ready for a summer-long battle of the best.

Then just a week later, the RLD Racing League continues with the May and June races. There are still some spots open in this race but you better act quick to get your cars there on time.

And it's not to early to talk about an action-packed July schedule that includes the Poppa Speed Invitational, the Rust Belt Lightweight Rally, and the Westfield 500.

As always, be sure to check out the Redline Derby racing calendar for more upcoming races from RLD and other clubs.

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