Retail wheels and axles

TripleCrossRacers Wednesday, 5/22/2024

Rookie question: When a race is for a modified car but it states retail wheels and axels or FTE allowed, does that mean you have to use the exact wheels and axels that came on that car, or can you take another wheel set off another factory car and use. Specifically is it acceptable to trade a car that came out with real riders for a normal factory set in a build? 


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RLoRacing 5/22/24

It typically means that the only wheels/axles you can use are ones from other Hot Wheels/Matchbox. Some builders use sewing pins as axles which means they aren't allowed in this type of race. In most cases, it's alright to farm the wheels off of another car though. Sometimes race hosts will go a step further with rules and specify you can only use black wheels (no clear/color ones) for realism. 
To answer your final question, yes you can put plastic wheels on a car that originally came with real riders. 

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SpyDude 5/22/24

Rookie answer:

Rubber for show, plastic for go.

That's all you really need to know.

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