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Do you usually want your cars returned after a race?

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To me, yes, I would like my cars back.

Firstly, as a reference point, to analyse, the results, the build, where to improve. Down here, I really dont get to see upfront any top builders cars, so it is important to learn from what I do.

Also, having spent a bit of time on the cars,, yeah, as Elevation says "They look good on the shelf" and a good memory. Very few races I will enter where the promoter does not offer/bother to send cars back.


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johnson9195 11/2/23

Yes I want them back for the same reasons others have already posted. I always send money for return shipping. I am waiting for a couple of cars to get sent back, but it's been so long on 1 of them I have given up on getting it back.

It makes me not want to send off cars to any future races.

  • Certainly a blight on our hobby. Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • it drives me crazy, I want to burn their feeds with bad comments — dr_dodge
  • I always send $20, plenty to return ship, and a tip for hosting. — dr_dodge
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NDeavers80 11/2/23

Short answer yes. Especially if I pay for return shipping. Seems like that's been an issue recently tho I can think of quite a few I've paid for return shipping and never actually got my cars back. So I haven't been playing as much. It's not as much fun. 

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Bolo_Brown 11/3/23

Yes, most definitely.i do But there are a few channels when I pay for return. Shipping & still have not receive my cars to this day. 

  • Sad to say, but pretty much theft. Cheers, good luck to you out there. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • you returned my cars promptly, cheers for that — dr_dodge
  • Appreciate it when I do a mail in tournament. I do try to be fair for everybody. — Bolo_Brown

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