Review: Max Traxxx track extension pack

redlinederby Thursday, 1/14/2016
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I first heard about Max Traxxx brand last year when I reviewed their 2-lane "electronic" finish line. The biggest plus about that accessory is that it is compatible with standard Hot Wheels orange track. Then while doing some Christmas shopping, I discovered that Hobby Lobby stocks several Max Traxxx products, including cars, the finish line and track packs.

Quick review

  • Compatible with orange track but don't mix-n-match
  • Longer 2-foot track segments are nice
  • Track is slightly wider than orange track
  • Handy side connectors keep track locked when side-by-side
  • Minimal cost difference, 5-track pack was $11 at Hobby Lobby

Max Traxxx Track Extension pack

Once again, the biggest plus for Max Traxxx is their compatibility with standard Hot Wheels orange track. These track segments have the same size connectors so you can easily join your orange track, but to say they're a match would be incorrect.

The Max Traxxx is a little bit wider and with different height/angled walls so you might have some extra bumps between segments if you mix-n-match track. However, if you're starting from scratch and make an all-Max Traxxx setup then you might be okay.

The connectors themselves are similar to the updated Hot Wheels version with the locking tab. Personally, I don't like this feature but I does exactly what it says it will by holding track together.

The real genius of Max Traxxx isn't the ability to glow in the dark (which is pretty neat) but it's interlocking side rails. Each track has a male and female rail on each side, and then you can interlock track side-by-side and it keeps everything straight. I gotta say this is pretty handy and something I'd love to see Mattel rip off and add to their track. Keep track straight and spaced apart is always a challenge and Max Traxxx found a great solution.

I'm not a materials expert so I can't really comment too much on the different in plastic between the orange track and Max Traxxx, but the MT track does feel a little more textured in the way all glow-in-the-dark plastic feels. It didn't seem to impact cars in some play runs but I'm willing to bet the plastic is of a lesser quality than orange track. Although, I've also noticed that Mattel is getting pretty thin with their plastic too, so by now maybe it's all even.

The 5-track pack gets you 10-feet of track, each segment being 2-feet in length. That's a decent amount of track for $11. A little over a dollar a segment, and given each one is 2-feet rather than the 1 1/2" of orange track, I guess MT is a slightly better deal...but not worth switching, if you ask me.

The MT track is obviously compatible with the Max Traxxx Finish Line but it fails to line up well with our favorite finish line, the big red 3D Bot Maker. Given the increased width and side rails of the Max Traxxx track, the 3DBM finish line is just too narrow, the connectors don't line up.

Bottom line

The Max Traxxx track isn't bad by any means, it's just not up to Hot Wheels quality and may have some continuity issues with non-MT accessories. I wouldn't recommend mixing MT track with your orange track but if you make an all-Max Traxxx drag track then you might be okay, as long as you can find compatible start and finish lines.

The track does glow in the dark really well and my kid loves that but that doesn't do much for racing. But speaking of the kids...if you want to make a good sized track for your kid or something, then the Max Traxxx parts will save you some money and give them just as much fun as orange track.

I got my Max Traxxx pack at my local Hobby Lobby for $11 but you can find it online at various retailers, just Google it. 

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