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With the Fantasy League back on the map for development, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit some old posts that discuss possibilities for the League. Most of the articles are several years old but many of the ideas are still valid and could be added.

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Otherwise, this thread is for new League talk that can include ideas, questions and everything else. With so many new members here since the League was around, I'm sure there are some questions...but I'm really looking forward to getting fresh eyes on a game that I thought was a lot of fun.

I have no timeline for when the League will be back. Just know that it's a priority at this point.

Is there a thread that explains how the old fantasy league worked?  Cause reading the new ideas has left me puzzled about what they're deviating from.

You've been asking for ideas for years. Personally, I'd just be happy to have the fantasy league back up and running, wether things have changed with it or not.

Here's an old thread that gives the short and sweet about how to play the fantasy league game. Not exactly the deepest context but maybe gives an idea.

Basically, it works like March Madness bracket picking but it happens once a week and you guys select which cars enter a race.

Looks like the old official Rules page is still up...check it out too.

And if you want to see how the game looked "in action", here's a list of past tournaments and results.

@KO - I hear you. I know Ive been talking Fantasy redo ever since it went offline, and it seems like I revisit it every 6 months but nothing comes of it...because thats true. Its always my best intentions to get things restarted but time is precious so it will always be a slow road. Thats just the way it is. Despite my love for this site and the hobby, it will always take a backseat to family and other duties.

Getting the League back to what it was is the minimum, but since I have to rebuild it from scratch anyway, it never hurts to get new ideas or thoughts. If there arent any, then thats fine...but I always want to be open to feedback and input.

Pre-season draft - While I was sketching out the League stuff, came to the thought about having player's build their stable of cars during a pre-season period. Each player would be allowed 32 cars in their draft list. This list would then be used automatically each week during the season. In theory, you could build your draft list once and let it ride all season.

Or, you can swap cars in/out as the season goes on. Since new cars will be added throughout a season, you may want to add some or remove some ones that aren't panning out. Plus, you'd want to make sure your list had a good spread of car classes and weights, so it's not just set-and-forget.

This would be different than they were before when you had come back each week to enter a car.  

Related thought for this to be even better would be to have a League season planned out ahead of time so players knew all the classes and tracks before they make their first picks. Don't know how realistic this is but it's a thought...of course, if you can add/remove cars whenever then I guess it doesn't matter how much you know ahead of time.

Revisiting, I don't think this will work. Too many variables overall. Oh well.

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