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RLD Nationals 2020 - 55 & 57 Chevy

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These are leaving Texas today and headed to Carolina.

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MDG_Racing 1/3/20

Here in Htown the consensus was to run all '57 Chevy's. While we love our Gasser's and have some fast ones. We're gonna reserve those for the 'Poppa Speed Invitational'. 

So rolling out today for League of Speed Proving Grounds. In hopes of starting the year off right with some wins!

Good Luck racers! See you, on the line! Race Hard!!

My only 55 build

Built this one for 72 Chevy C10's Flying Colors race a couple of years ago...Speed Force will be running it in the Nationals 

Got Big Poppy...Team 164B and Team 164K today...we have 18 teams/36 cars at the LoS Racing Grounds as of today...really great looking field of cars.

Starting to roll them out...RLD Nationals are gonna rock

Red Pill is on the way.

and Go Go Maxzilla 

  • Like I said on FB, I really wanna see Max's Gasser line up with "Joaquin" L&M's gasser at some point. Would love to see how they match up! — Mattman213
  • I'll run a grudge match when the dealing is done if they don't meet in the Bracket — LeagueofSpeed
  • That would be awesome if Red Pill is down! I'm hoping "Joaquin" is worthy! — Mattman213
  • Thanks LOS! — Red_Pill-Racing
  • I might wait until the final race on Tobacco Road...since this is a series it could happen...and we wouldn't want the outcome known just yet — LeagueofSpeed
  • Very true and I wouldnt want to put either through extra runs till after its all said and done. If they happen to meet in any of the brackets then cool! — Mattman213

She's a looker if nothing else...

  • Great looking 57 with my favorite wheels...whats not to like! — Mattman213
  • Got them off a GMS Sol Aire — LeagueofSpeed
  • Yeah I saw that build pic. My absolute favorite wheel/axle combo to date and it looks right at home on the 57! — Mattman213
  • Thats a great looking build Sir. — Go_Time
  • Thank You — LeagueofSpeed

29 Teams are in House and the other 3 are on the way...we might see some 1st Rd action on Friday Night. I have to go and finish my builds!!!!

Loving how this one turned out

  • The 57 I used as a control to test against had those newer Redline wheels and it rolls out great — Mattman213
  • I found that nickel plated Redline package laying around and it fit the 57 — LeagueofSpeed
  • Woah there were nickle plated redline 5 spokes? Man, that's a jackpot for looks and speed! — Mattman213

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