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RLD Nationals 2020 - 55 & 57 Chevy

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Something Wicked this Way comes...

Got Sinister Grackles cars today...and of course...Red Pill's cars aren't here...the only human who can mail his cars on Monday from Georgia...same day as Grackle...and Grackles cars from Texas beat him to NC...tracking says they'll be here tomorrow and we plan to go Green on Friday night and hopefully get the Team Show and Rd 1 in the books.

Peace and Speed-League of Speed 

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Dadvball 1/10/20

That's crazy. I don't use Priority when I send cars to you. It's over $7 for 2-3 day delivery. Yet it's only $5 and change regular mail and it's only 2-3 days. Go figure. 

  • Shipping is general is nuts and it's seemingly different every time I pack something up. The web site says one thing, the post office itself says another. Frustrating. — redlinederby

Red Pill and Maxzilla are in house...we are 32 Teams/64 Cars strong...Great Looking field of Chevy's.

...Thank You Everyone for making it possible

...Welcome to the Inaugural 2020 RLD Nationals - 55 & 57 Chevy's

...Good Luck to All 

  • 64 cars...Great turnout! Good luck to everyone! — 72_Chevy_C10

Just so everybody is not checking in every hour tonight...things are back to the normal schedule of Jan 11th...thought we might get going on Friday night...but it will all go down as originally scheduled.

Peace and Speed - LoS

  • Looking forward to this. Good luck everyone! — Dadvball
  • Thanks for the heads up! — Mattman213

Team 164K...didn't want to stay together...nothing a little trip to the LoS Workshop can't fix...we'll have ya up and running soon

Round of 64...Odd vs Odd...Even vs Even Numbers 

Round of 32 all the way to the Finals will hit at various times tomorrow.

Good Luck in the Rd of 32...

...Peace and Speed 

  • Bunch of cars and a bunch of races to get through. Thanks for making it happen and keeping us updated. Having fun watching the action! — Mattman213
  • We love to host and race...our pleasure — LeagueofSpeed

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