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RLD Summer Pro-Am official thread

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Just needed a dab of glue under the jb quick

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Big_Al 7/19/21

Hey everyone!  I've been busy with some life stuff over the past week or so and I just saw all of this.  I really appreciate the 2nd chance repairs that IDR did on the Jag and everyone for being cool with it!  Also, you all build some rock solid cars.  Good luck at the triangle!

  • Dude, it was only fair. Out of all the cars that got beat up, you got the absolute short end of the stick. Having you sit out because of a crippled car wouldn’t have been right, especially with the hard work you put into it. Now you have a fighting chance again. — SpyDude

Roadrunner's car has a similar axle issue.....pending his response I'll be affecting a repair on his car as well

I'm not quite ready to start recording, but I couldn't wait to establish the competition groups for the first part of stage 4:

Pro 1
Sneaky Bob
DXP Racing
Chief Wopahoo
Voxxer Racing

Pro 2
Big Al

Pro 3
Rivera Racing
Uncle Elvis
G4 Diecast Racing

Pro 4
R-Lo Racing
The Maker's Box
Golden Owl

Amateur 1
Overclocked Racing
Uncle Joe's Speedway

Amateur 2
RoadRunner Raceway
Cash Money Boys
Rubber Tow

Amateur 3
PWC Racing
Commotion Diecast
Big Mac

Amateur 4
Diego's Diecast
Dogtown Racing
Bolo Brown
The Commish

I might have missed something, but is there any update for the last stage on this race?

  • I'm working on it! Just finished editing the pro division video today and started on the amateur division. Look for a premiere date in the coming weeks. — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • Sounds good! Thank you for hosting! — Secondhand_Speed

Stage 4 will premiere on Sunday, August 29th @ 10pm Eastern w/ the Pro Division:

The Amateurs will premiere immediately after at 10:30pm Eastern:

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redlinederby 8/29/21
Site manager

Great Stage 4 action over at Indiana Diecast Racing...some truely great open track racing! 

The Pro-Am Standings have been updated and while you can draw some conclusions already, there will be a wrap-up finale video later this week to settle some ties and bring this series to an official close.

More later this week...stay tuned!

  • Great racing, guys! We had some stiff competition there. I'm just surprised that I did as well as I did! — SpyDude
  • A huge congratulations to GhostDriver! That was the most amazing pass on the final stretch to get the track #4 victory! Excellent! Thanks again to RedLineDerby and all the track hosts for this fun and unique tournament! — G4DiecastRacing
  • thanks for letting me host! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • So are these standings final or more points to come when they race back at RLD? — BlueLineRacing
  • Finale video coming this week with tie-breakers and highlights — redlinederby
  • Thanks G4!!! I can say without a doubt I was the most surprised at the result...Lol — GhostRacing
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redlinederby 8/30/21
Site manager

Summer Pro-Am Finale, Wednesday 9/1 at 10PM ET

It's time to put a bow on this thing! Join the Finale premiere this Wednesday night and be one of the first to find out the official results and see which racers are going home champions. There are a couple of tie-breakers to be had and we'll recap the entire series. It's a quick video but hope you can join!

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redlinederby 9/1/21
Site manager

So I know I'm probably beating a dead horse with this, but Thank You to everyone that made this a fun series. I know it had a pretty rough spot in there but overall the racing was fun to watch with some great drama to boot. I hope everyone enjoyed following along and watching this as much as I did. 

Congrats to all the champions and to everyone that had cars entered. Great builds across the board that saw some tough track and some stiff competition.

Cars will be making their trips back home over the next few weeks. 

  • Thank you and all the hosts, was a fun series for sure. — Mattman213
  • Thanks for the idea and putting it all together!! Bittersweet result for me, but I think we should do it again for sure at some point. — GhostRacing
  • Thank you - this was a hard run as an amateur racer, but I’ve learned a whole lot about what it takes to build a fast car and had a lot of fun doing it. I will be looking forward to the next Pro-Am, and hope to be racing with a bunch of my friends here in the diecast world again. — SpyDude
  • Mattman213: DUDE, WE DID IT!!!! — SpyDude
  • Heck yeah! I tanked both road courses but pulled it out on the straights and you built up some steam and piled on the points as the event went on. Love it. — Mattman213
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redlinederby 9/15/21
Site manager

Pro-Am cars are starting to head back home, so heads up to everyone that sent in cars. I consolidated as much as I could with all the cars I had. So if you had entries in City Connection and/or the Porsche race, all your cars should come back together.

If anyone needs a tracking# shoot me a PM and I'll get it for you. My goal is to have all the cars shipped by October before the USPS increases shipping rates.

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