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RLD Summer Pro-Am Sign-up

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DXPRacing 2/17/21

Good thing about this format is that the new racer can gleam some experience from the veteran.  Share tips on speed and other aspects.  To me, this is a great learning tool and could help both later on down the road.  Plus you have an extra person cheering for you along the way.  

Signed up.

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pupulesurfer 2/17/21

Signed up, hope to be in the Amateur side. So far, I've done 4 races with widely different results.

First mod: Almost qualified for Rookie Rally

Second mod: didn't make it down the track Pinks

Third mod: Won 16 car field in Winter Classic

Fourth mod: made top 16 of 70 vans in Plethora of Party Wagons

Fifth mod: not finished or sent in yet for March race Sock Hop Slam

Not Sure What Spot To Sign Up iN?

LOL, Its funny cause I would say I am still a Amateur but some people may think I am not. But its like the Rookie Rally race, there was alot of guys that I thought were seasoned racers but apparently they were not. I ve been racing on FB and YouTube for about a year, I think. So I guess I will go with PRO, cause after a year of this, I've should of leared something???

LETS DO THIS!!!!!!  

  • Send me you address in a private message. I still have your cars. — BlueLineRacing

So I did the Survey and it was pretty good, really good questions. I was kinda torn on one of them. How long have you been Racing Diecast. Well, I could of said All My Life, Started as a kid. Or I started 20 plus years ago at the HW Conventions or like now..... Realy Competeing against others who build cars to WIN! not just for fun.... I've only have been competeing in this type of racing for a little over a year I believe. WHO's gonna be on my team? Who likes to build Jaguars XJ220's and Cadillac's V16's?


  • I'll be on your team, but I've got a feeling we both will be Pro's. PS I just pulled 7 XJ 220s mint from the bin to build for this. You know I'll be no fantasy cars. People got scared of them. — EightOCRacing
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TheMakersBox 2/17/21

This seems like a realy unique format.

On the survey question about performance, I got to say there is quite a gap between "Bottom Half" and "Top 10".  How about "middle of pack", which is where I'm happy reside in this crowd.

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redlinederby 2/17/21
Site manager

Thanks for everyone that has signed up already. I'm going through the entries and seeing which side of the fence people will fall. We're close to full fields already!

Please keep in mind you don't exactly choose if you're a Pro or Amateur in this case :) I'll be putting you one side or the other based on the form, yes, but also from what I know, what I've seen, and where I feel you will have good competition.

  • When will you draw teams? — EightOCRacing
  • Can't say yet...depends on when the fields get full. The way things are going it'll be pretty soon. — redlinederby
  • Not Slytherin! Not Slytherin! Lol!!! — EightOCRacing
  • @MikeDoolzinski lol! — GoldenOwl
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GoldenOwl 2/18/21

Just filled out the main entry form. This is a great idea. Hopefully I make the cut!

Thankfully Nathan is not driving in this, otherwise y'all know how it would end up!

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FOTF 2/18/21

I submitted an entry form ... my modifying experience is a little vague because it depends on your exact definition of "modifying." (And note that my Suburban "Marlin" which has raced on the DCRL channel was not actually modified by me--I just put it to good use. I did once add some weights to the top of it for a local race that it won, though, and may eventually add some graphite of mine to it.)

  • Well, modifying means modifying. LOL. A car is either stock out of the box, or you did something to it. — redlinederby
  • Ha-ha, I think you'll remember seeing some more controversy than that over this topic in years past. What you're saying here includes taped-on weights and graphite. — FOTF
  • Gaphite is almost always accepted but adding anything weight wise, or drilling out the rivets for any reason = mod. You can lube a car up but otherwise it must remain as it came from the package to be considered "stock" in most races you will encounter. — Mattman213
  • Adding weights, even outside, is modifying...but the official specs for the Pro-Am haven't been posted yet, and I promise you that won't fly in this event. — redlinederby
  • Oh, I'm well aware of all of this. Brian might just want to be clearer about exactly what kind of experience he's trying to assess. Especially with the definition "A car is either stock out of the box, or you did something to it [which includes lubing or taped-on weights]." I've had success with taped-on/in weights. Are you counting those in your survey or not? — FOTF
  • I think it is pretty self explanatory. If you added weight, you significantly changed the casting thus it has been modded. If you take the taped weights off it has been returned to its original state as long as the rivets are intact. — DXPRacing
  • That all makes sense to me, DXP. I've been around here a long time, you know--a lot longer than most of the people racing on here these days--and have dealt with some pretty fussy racers in years past.... And again, plenty of people even now aren't looking for taped-on weights in their modified races (and that's their choice); so whether Brian counts that towards "modifying" experience in his survey is for him to specify. That, and whether he allows stock cars in his series, could well decide whether I would be considered a "pro" or an "amateur." — FOTF
  • Well do you think you are a pro or amateur by your definition? — DXPRacing
  • Overall, a pro; but specifically at drilling rivets, replacing axles, applying graphite/polishing axles and such, etc.... probably an amateur. My expertise is in stock cars (and I have a LOT of that) and in basically strapping things onto/into them to make them faster without permanently modifying them. (Someday that may change, but for now....) — FOTF
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redlinederby 2/22/21
Site manager

Sign-up for the Summer Pro-Am has been closed

Wonderfully, there were more sign-ups than open slots and now I'll be going through the remaining applicants to see how they can be classified.

I'll update the roster lists this week and send out email notifications.

I'm sorry to anyone that wanted in on this but missed the chance or if you just don't make the cut even if you did sign up. There's plenty of other racing opportunities coming up this year with both Redline Derby and other clubs. Check out the racing calendar for more.

  • Looking forward to this series regardless if I made the cut or not! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Same, heat a great idea! — pupulesurfer

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