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redlinederby Tuesday, 2/16/2021
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Summer Pro-Am sign-up is currently closed

We have received an overwhelming response from the racing community to the point where we have more sign-ups than open slots in the event. We're currently going through the applicants and determining which division each person will race in.

We'll update this topic with details as they become available.

Sorry to anyone that was excited to get in on this event but arrived too late or ends up not making the cut. Please check out our racing calendar to find more upcoming events happening around the country.

I'm happy to announce this year's summer series, the Redline Derby Racing Summer Pro-Am, taking place this summer from May-September. The Summer Pro-Am series will travel across the country to 4 tracks including BlueLine Racing, Indiana Diecast Racing, the Diecast Racing Report, and of course, Redline Derby Racing. It will be a summer-long endurance test for all participants and should be a lot of fun to follow.

The Summer Pro-Am is a limited sign-up event, however. Like in a typical "pro-am" style, this event will be made up of Pros and Amateurs. The event is capped at 32 entrants; 16 pros and 16 amateurs. Amateurs will race amateurs, and pros will race pros...but each amateur will also be paired up with a pro, and that pair will be scored as a team.

There will be one Pro champ, one Amateur champ, and one Team champ. Additional details about prizes and trophies is pending and will be updated later.

So who's a Pro and who's an Amateur?

Given the unique nature of this event, we'll be determining who gets placed on the Pro side and who gets placed on the Amateur side. If you're interested in participating in this event, please submit the sign-up form linked above. Your application will be reviewed and you'll be placed into one of the two fields.

This event is capped at 32 total entries, and sign-up will be open until both fields of 16 are filled. We'll review submissions daily and keep it open until they're filled. One field will probably get filled before another...I'll update things as quickly as I can.

Given all that, submitting the sign-up form does NOT guarantee you a spot in this event. There's a chance your sign-up may be received after the field you qualify for is already full. Otherwise, it's first come, first served for sign-ups like normal.

Just posting an "I'm in" comment does not get you entered in this event. So please submit the sign-up form if you want to race.

You'll be notified via email or PM if you make a field and in which field you'll be racing. The official entry roster will also be posted here on the web site.

What's the race format?

We're still hashing out the specific details for each track but there are 4 tracks total in the series; 2 drag strips, and 2 open road tracks.

Entries will travel to each host track as a group, so your vehicle will need be designed and built to race on both drag strips AND open tracks.

Racing will start in Ohio at the Redline Derby Speedway in May, go to the Diecast Racing Report open track in June, then to the BlueLine Racing dragstrip in July, then to the Indiana Diecast Racing open track in August, then back to RLD for a wrap-up in September. Specific dates and deadlines are TBD but since you'll be making one entry for all tracks, you'll only need to make the first shipping deadline.

Scoring and points are also getting figured out now between all the hosts, and those details will be shared when they're ready.

What are the entry specs and restrictions?

Specific entry restrictions are also TBD and getting worked out now. As we're racing on multiple tracks with the same car, we're finding specs that will work for each track. But in general, the specs will probably be pretty open to allow builders to account for both styles of racing in one vehicle.

More details coming soon...

I'm excited for this official Redline Derby Racing event, and I'm looking forward to its somewhat unique Pro-Am setup, I think it can be a lot of fun. It should make for some great racing and in the end we'll be able to crown 3 different champions.

Look for more details, dates, and the likes real soon. Post a comment or PM with any questions about the sign-up process.


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redlinederby 2/16/21
Site manager

Division rosters


  • G4 Diecast Racing
  • Mattman213
  • The Makers Box
  • Secondhand Speed
  • RLo Racing
  • GhostDriver
  • Big Al
  • Chief Wopahoo
  • DXP Racing
  • Rivera Racing
  • Voxxer Racing
  • MoparMAC
  • Golden Owl
  • Sneaky Bob
  • FOTF
  • Uncle Elvis


  • SpyDude
  • RoadRunner Raceway Fan
  • UncleJoesSpeedway
  • kickserve
  • Kaiju_Colorado
  • PWC Racing
  • Mayfield41
  • Dogtown Racing
  • ItsDiegoByTheWay
  • Big Mac
  • CapperDeluxe
  • pupulesurfer
  • Mike Doolzinski
  • Commotion Diecast
  • Miniature Car Racing
  • The Commish
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DXPRacing 2/16/21


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CrazyEights 2/16/21

So what happens when your team mate drops out or fails to send a car.

  • Good question. Not sure at this point, so it's something I'll add to the concern list. First thought is to have some entries on backup but then that means someone could build and never race...so no easy/fair way to solve it but we'll hope for the best. — redlinederby
  • Either that or just forfeit go it alone without your team mate on a no show. That would suck if a build never took the track. — CrazyEights

This is so exciting!  What a cool idea to race cars down both drag strips and open road fat tracks!  Awesome!

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RLoRacing 2/16/21

I signed up. Hoping that if I get accepted, I have better results than DIRS...

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Mattman213 2/16/21

Signed up!


Signed up!

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SpyDude 2/16/21

I think I'm going to give this a shot. Signed up for the amateur side of the team.

Mike did have a valid question there about no-shows. While it's possible to do the backup entry thing, I think it would be better for the teammate of the no-show to simply run alone. I mean, HE made the deadline, so no reason to penalize him for the no-show teammate.... You may just have races with three cars in it instead of four, that's all.

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Mayfield41 2/16/21

I signed up under amateur of course and would like to select Mattman as my pro...lol

  • HAAA Dont know if thats a wise move, Im so hit or miss these days ESPECIALLY when it comes to multiple track series style races!!! — Mattman213
  • Ha! Although you've popped in my head the idea of having random draw for pairings. It wasn't plan but a live stream raffle could be fun...hmmmm... — redlinederby
  • If you get Matt man, I'll settle for... (In no particular order) Red Pill, Voxxer, JAC Racing or Rivera. All are strong racers and could carry my sorry excuse for cars to the finish line. — CrazyEights
  • I’ll settle for whoever I can get. Someone willing to help me with the basics of building a fast car, and little tips and tricks to make them even faster. — SpyDude
  • There are a ton of great racers lurking around these parts, many would likely be considered "amateurs" as well so its gonna be interesting for sure. In the long run tho, I love the idea and can see it being FUN even if the pair doesnt end up being as competitive down the road. The fact that there are two tracks with turns included can shake up the results and make for some interesting happenings! — Mattman213
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GhostRacing 2/16/21

Signed up earlier today. This is an awesome idea!

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Big_Al 2/16/21

Sent in my sign up a little bit ago!

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CapperDeluxe 2/17/21

Signed up as amateur , after failing to qualify Group b Rookie Rally this seems a logical lext step