RLD vs Red Pill Racing Axel Alignment Jig

Blue_Wahoo_Racing Friday, 3/5/2021

Already bought RLD jig but just watched Red Pills video about wheel alignment.  Which Jig are you guys having the most success with? 


No one has any thoughts on this topic. 

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redlinederby 3/5/21
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So I know I'm slightly biased when it comes to this topic but to be honest, I think it will be hard to tell if one jig makes for better results than any other. You'd have to do some serious control experiments to figure it out and given so many factors are involved in a race, it would be tough to determine one way or the other.

But we all know having straight, parallel, and aligned axles will help. Period, it just will. So whether you're using the RLD jig or another jig, as long as you have a tool that makes you more confidence in your alignment, that's what matters. 

I've sold more than 200 jigs over the past year but even then, I know my jig won't be for everyone's cup of tea. I mean, hell, a lot of guys probably just make their own jig with whatever DIY materials they have laying around and swear by it. Find a tool you like and works for you and stick with it, and you'll be happy.

I used the RLD jig and liked the ease of use was just curious.  My first car had a slight veer off center.  Practice will make perfect.  Thanks for the input. 

I own a RLD jig but I've found that eyeballing it being my best method. You have to try everything and find out what works for you.

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Mattman213 3/7/21

I use the RLD jigs now and will be making a RedPill jig here soon to try out and have in the arsenal.  I'm building a long wheelbase mod for an upcoming BlueLine race and needed to tape two RLD jigs together to get the length I needed.  Worked perfectly.


  • I’d like to see a photo of that! That’s a long car. — redlinederby

being the true Scot that i am ( i wake up to make sure i'm not losing sleep and i once dropped a quarter and it hit me on the back of the neck as i bent down to pick it up) i designed and made my own. out of respect for RLD Slanman etc i haven't offered it for sale but if @redlinederby says it's ok i'll share the STL file of mine for anyone with a 3d printer , it's a bit narrower than the RLD i think but seems to be ok Pic 1 Pic 2 Vid 1 I'm more than happy to put a creative commons atribution on this design and make it available but only if folks like @Redlinederby don't feel it would negatively impact them

After running it by Mr RedlineDerby himself  i've made the design for my jig available for free with a creative commons Non-Commercial Licence. feel free  to have a look and see if if works for you Thingiverse Link

  • i'm shocked to see that after putting this up a few days ago and with minimal info and only saying about it here at Redline Derby that jig has been downloaded 26 times in 3 days , thank you folks — CapperDeluxe
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Mattman213 3/18/21

Sorry Redline, I meant to post this a long time ago and just now thought about it (in response to him wanting to see the use of two of his jigs taped together for longer wheelbase mods)


  • Nice! Guess I didn't consider super-long chassis in my design. Maybe I should offer a "special edition" jig that goes longer, ha! — redlinederby
  • Shoot so long as they are "square" when made, then this method works a treat! — Mattman213

One advantage to the red pill jig I just realized tonight. Not only can you seat your wheels with it but because its strapped down right side up, you can affix your weight at the same time. Saves time on your build.

Sit it and forget it! Bam! Lol!

Plus I'm all about re-purposing stuff laying around the house, the shed, the neighbor's garbage...

I'm a Hillbilly!

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