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Going to go with the same size tires front and rear on the Mach 1, the width of the small tires is marginal to the width of the rear fats and the chassis will hold the fats on the front as hopefully in theory this Mach 1 should be a good closer.

  Hot Wheels Matchbox diecast cars

  • It works for the Speed Bump FTE...that was the inspiration for the change. — LeagueofSpeed

All metal 80 Corvette...going to strip the paint and go gloss black and put an FTE package off a Maserati MC12 whose body style just isn't indicative to speed most of the time.

This 69 Dodge Charger 500 will be getting the CS package off this CS 77 Dodge Custom Van...and some weight.

All metal stock Mach 1 and all metal modified Mach 1...weight and graphite is next...going to class it at 65g

  • It weighs in at 65.2g...the Graphite Bay is next — LeagueofSpeed

So good with the Mach 1, it beat the test car it lost to before 100 runs to season it and then back to the Graphite Bay it goes.

My Property Manager loves to hit garage sales and he'll bring me a box of absolute beaters from time to time, most are complete drek and there racing days well behind them and more suited for a diorama junkyard, however, you can find one now and then that could be revitalized by modification...hence this 1982 casting of a 1979 Z28 Camaro...had to get the Rollback out for this project.

  • Found some FTE's that will fit it...going to class it at 57g — LeagueofSpeed
  • I'm confused as to why they put a construction type tire on a Camaro — LeagueofSpeed

The 69 Hotchkis Camaro is getting has more seasoning runs before more graphite, but it is improving.

The 80's Corvette in all black

Don't know what kind of Racer it will end up being, but it was fun bringing it back to life...hopefully life in the fast lane.

...definitely faster than it was when it came off the assembly line 35 years ago without construction type tires on it!!!

This 1970 Chevelle SS will be getting the FTE package off the SS convertible...some weight and a new paint job...going to do the Corvette Stingray pictured above first ...but the Chevelle is in the pipeline.

  • I predict that LO$ will be the next race grooves..... — Mopar_Mafia
  • ha...don't know about that one. — LeagueofSpeed

Got the Stingray stripped and painted...finish it up over the weekend.

Frost Raven...most likely going to class at 57g

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