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New Class at D64...Modified Street...57g...January build...1 of 2...350Z

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Chrisw 1/14/20

maybe next time guys an girls for me , I have to get more supplies an testing. 

  • Good looking stuff...seeing that VW makes me excited for our next Beetle Battle tournament. — redlinederby
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Mcjiggles9 1/14/20

Spent a few hours refamiliarizing myself with the modding process. Havent modded a car since 2016! Chose this Pontiac Rageous I had sitting around because of its plastic base and the spare Chrysler 300C FTE axels I had that fit perfectly. I dont think she's a speed deamon by any means but sure enough I'll enter it in something coming up. Comes in at 58g

  • Getting back in the swing of things...good base to start with at least! — redlinederby

Been wanting to Build a metal/metal 300C for awhile now...using the wheels off the Race Aces 300C in another Build and the wheels on the FTE 300C are, find a nice package for it and hopefully Build a fast one when all is said and done...Race Aces chassis and FTE body for the metal/metal combo 

  • very nice! — RIVERA_RACING
  • My first ever RLDRL was EXACTLY what your building, same donor as well BUT in my testing, the FTE's off the plastic chassis were quicker than the Race Ace's so I swapped them and now the car looks like a stock FTE 300C. Love that little mod. I actually used the leftovers to make my 20g car the 20G300C! — Mattman213

5 holes all around
A couple of Semi trucks get a Mad Max style paint job.

...another Fiero build 

I'm busy trying to replicate my Dad's 1983 GMC Vandura what we had in the family from 1988-1999.  This is the first time I've tried to model a car in its actual details.  I have been gathering up diecast versions of all the cars my parents and I have had over the years.  This is the first one I've attemped to mod.  The others will follow suit eventually.

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PoBoy_Racing 9/17/20

Good Luck!   It looks good now, can't wait to see how it looks when your done!!

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Xanthippe 9/19/20

What aren't I modding? Right now I've got 3 for Muscle Mania 2020, 1 for the Boneyard Classic, 2 for Pinks for the Cure, 2 for Gaslands, 2 for other projects, 1 just because...

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