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RLDRL - April Race at Tecumseh Proving Grounds

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Go_Time 4/7/20

Dang!  I was hoping to make all the races...but just too much going on for me right now.  Good luck racers!

  • Sorry Brother...thanks for all you do...stay safe — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thanks brother! Its getting tough, but we are all giving all we got. Everyone be safe! — Go_Time
  • Hate to hear it but keep your head and your health up!!! — Mattman213

Count me in.

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NDeavers80 4/14/20

LED racing has arrived... 

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Mattman213 4/15/20

Ok I had 3 different cars in the building phase and another couple that just need fine tuning but this month I will be sending the red Speed Machine.  After testing it really showed itself to be the most consistent Mod in the running so its being packed up and sent out today!

Hope to be able to get back into going rounds with this thing.  My poor Mirada just didnt represent last month at Red Pill's.  Fingers crossed this is a different story!


  • Good Luck!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Good luck I'll post when it gets here — NDeavers80
  • Thanks, we shall see!!! Says it should be there Friday if all goes well. Thanks for hosting!!! — Mattman213
  • You're welcome and thank you for participating — NDeavers80
  • Matt your box came in today — NDeavers80
  • Ok awesome thanks for the heads up! Cant wait to see how it goes! — Mattman213
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Mayfield41 4/17/20

My entry was shipped this morning.  It rolls but we will see how it does. I was going to ship it to diecast64 but my april build failed so I'm using an under weighted car. I just want to win a round..????

Fresh trips to the Graphite Bay this weekend and ship them out Monday 

  • Nice good luck — NDeavers80
  • Interested in seeing how the "stanced" square body does you ;o) — Mattman213
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NDeavers80 4/20/20

Voxxer and Matt's packages came in today

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Mcjiggles9 4/20/20


My entry just shipped via USPS, it says transit time of 3 days which might mean it'll arrive Thursday or so. I hope thats in time for the racing action!


  • When I know boxes are on the way I will hold off until they get here so no worries — NDeavers80
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MDG_Racing 4/20/20

Sent out today with a few other goodies for my brother in speed. May even be a few surprises. -MDG

Shipping out tomorrow...the Lady and I 

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NDeavers80 4/23/20

updated as of 8:25am Thursday April 23

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NDeavers80 4/24/20

Dtag08 package arrived today.  Still expecting 3. If you are in the mail and not on the list above please let me know as I don't want to exclude anyone

  • My package is in the mail (shipped priority mail on the 18th...) but my faith in USPS is wavering — ViscousCycle
  • Do you have the tracking number? — NDeavers80
  • yes, USPS tracking number is 9405528206334015541124 Last update is "In Transit to Next Facility" on the 23rd :( — ViscousCycle
  • Rivera racing and league of speed is "in transit" — NDeavers80

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