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RLDRL - April Race at Tecumseh Proving Grounds

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OooH Boy!

I think you should of received my car already? Let me see if I have the tracking info.... I sent it out Priority Mail,  I think on Saturday???

  • I won't race until everyone's here as long as you shipped it before I'd say today April 25th. So don't worry... — NDeavers80
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NDeavers80 4/25/20

Package in from MDG today

  • That's a relief. Can't wait to hit the track! — MDG_Racing

The PO is playing hell with shipping right now...lotta stuff late to more than just our April race...hang in there for some Racing this coming week 

  • I’ve been shipping everything as the next step up than I normally would like 2 day instead of priority just to make sure it gets where it needs to go. — RustBeltRacing
  • Ive shipped out a couple things a day or two earlier than normal and its making it fine. I noticed Amazon quoting a couple days more than normal and lately everything has been coming in a couple days early lol — Mattman213
  • Yeah man I ordered something on Amazon Thursday that said May 11. Showed up yesterday. — RustBeltRacing
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NDeavers80 4/27/20

Rivera racing Vicious Cycle and Red Pill are here.  

Looks like my package is the only one still out there...somewhere...up to the Host...don't want to hold up the show just on our behalf.

  • I'm in no hurry to lose. — RustBeltRacing
  • I love your comment @RustBeltRacing....... "I'm in no hurry to lose" I hear you on that. Its just so much fun trying to win! Who knows maybe sometime soon you and I will be in the Finale Race??? — RIVERA_RACING
  • Oh absolutely man I'll see you there someday! But until I figure it out, I'm just happy to watch my cars race on TV! — RustBeltRacing

Glad my car made it finally!

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NDeavers80 4/29/20

Update still waiting on League of Speed. I've about had it up to here with services in Michigan.  Anyway hopefully it shows up soon.

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NDeavers80 5/2/20

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Mattman213 5/3/20

Another tough first round draw but posted some fast times.  Oh well.  Congrats to the winner and thanks alot ND for making it happen.


  • You had a very fast car. Very impressive build. — NDeavers80
  • Thanks! I'm glad it wasn't like last month where my entry was mid pack at best and lost first round. She had potential just couldn't quite make it happen! Next time! — Mattman213
  • You had one of the fastest times all day. — NDeavers80
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Mayfield41 5/3/20

Ousted first round again... in fact first race again. G Force took me out but he made it to final 4 so ok with that

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