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RLDRL December - Redline Derby Speedway

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redlinederby 12/12/20
Site manager

My mom fell down the stairs this week so I've been helping her, thus the preview of cars may not go up until tomorrow or Monday. Should be racing this week on schedule. 

  • I hope she is okay. Gravity is a two-sided mistress, it can hurt people sometimes, but it's what makes our hobby exist. We'll be here when the video drops. Take care and see ya at the races! — Peter_Bee
  • Ouch! Hope she is all right. Don't worry about the video for now, take care of her. We'll still be here. — SpyDude
  • Sorry to hear that. I hope nothing major happened to her. — GhostRacing
  • Dang hate to hear it. Do what ya gotta do sure this won't be NEARLY as big of a delay as the last big race/disaster combo you had!! — Mattman213
  • Thanks, mom is "okay" in that all she got was a broken foot...coulda been much worse. — redlinederby
  • Broken anything still sucks but glad it wasnt worse! — Mattman213
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redlinederby 12/14/20
Site manager

Here's the entry preview for the tournament. My kid joined me for some commentary so it went a little longer than it probably needed to, but hey. I also apologize for the sound quality, I just had to use the phone mic so it's not the best. (I realized too late that my laptop doesn't have a line-in jack so couldn't use any of my normal micrphones!)

I'll be doing racing this week and hope to have results up and posted by the weekend.

  • Disappointed my entry didn't make it in time. But that's a good group though. Good luck to everyone! — GhostRacing
  • Very cool! Great job to Penny for the excellent commentary! I wish for a speedy recovery for your mother. — G4DiecastRacing
  • Great Video! — RIVERA_RACING
  • I had forgotten which car I sent lol. It'll be an interesting experiment I'm trying here... — Peter_Bee
  • I'm just wondering how well that Escalade is going to run ..... — SpyDude
  • Great Video — VoxxerRacing
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BlueLineRacing 12/14/20

Thanks Brian, great commentary Penny. Looking forward to the races.

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SpyDude 12/14/20

The Clue cars came as a series of 12 different cars, all of them representing characters and weapons in the game. Apparently there were two sets released, one on the vintage game of Clue and the second release in 2003. I had no idea until after I sent it in what this particular car's reputation was. I'll tell you later about how I acquired it.....

Heres a look at the other cars in the series.

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redlinederby 12/14/20
Site manager

I wasn't able to make it to the PO today so the cars in the showcase are the ones that will race in the tournament. I know there was 1 or 2 cars on their way and I'm sorry they won't get to run in the bracket. BUT, I can hang on to them and run them in a future race or I might do a loser's bracket race and include any late-comers...dunno...either way, they'll see the track.

  • If someone didn’t get to race here that has a car on the way and wants to race in my January tournament I have a few spots left. Maybe you can ask that the car be forwarded to me with my entry. — BlueLineRacing
  • I'd prefer that mine comes right back. It's due to run in a race on my own track when we do cars from 1968-1995. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Whatever people's preferences are, please PM me with what you want done. KK, I'll get yours turned around as quick as I can once I have it in-house. — redlinederby
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Mattman213 12/14/20

Great video, love Penny's breakdown and cannot wait to see the race go down!  Good luck everyone!


  • Matt, your Boba Fett car is my favorite entry. Way cool! — G4DiecastRacing
  • Matt, your Boba Fett car is my favorite entry. Way cool! — G4DiecastRacing
  • Matt, your Boba Fett car is my favorite entry. Way cool! — G4DiecastRacing
  • I appreciate it!!! That car is ugly and not put together in my normal fashion BUT it ripped in testing which I was super excited about. I try to put together good looking Mods but Ide rather have speed than looks. Last ugly POS that looked like it would fall apart at any moment I sent out did really well so heres to hoping — Mattman213
  • Did G4DiecastRacing mention that he likes the Boba Fett car? — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Long wheel base, looks mean Matt. I think it could win this one — BlueLineRacing
  • LOL! My reply window froze, so I clicked submit a few extra times! — G4DiecastRacing
  • Shoot, I thought you just REALLY liked it HA!!!!!! — Mattman213
  • Blueline thanks, but there are some stupid fast cars in there. Im only HOPING mine is as well! — Mattman213
  • Matt your car is awesome looking — NDeavers80
  • Thanks Nick!!! — Mattman213
  • Great paint job on the Mando Mobile. — SpyDude
  • Thanks! 100% random that I noticed my son playing with that talking Boba Fett ornament and realized the sanded down green primer and bare metal looked just like it sp its stuck. That same night is when Fett showed up on Mando so it was meant to be lol — Mattman213
  • Interesting build on the Mando car. Could you tell us more about it? Especially that baseplate ... — SpyDude
  • Sol-aire + GT Racer body on F150 chassis and the under tray is just an old protector cut to keep things smooth since I didn't have time to fill it and smooth it. Its crude and ugly but works just fine so far. Had it painted and black to clean up the looks but stripped it to allow better adhesion. I might do a write up on it one day, none of my cars are "secrets". I enjoy sharing my builds — Mattman213
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TheMakersBox 12/14/20

Nice review. Wish more races had previews like this. Had to google Uncle Elvis' casting. It is the Speed Slayer

  • That's a wild-looking ride. Let's see if it's as fast as it looks. — SpyDude
  • And I agree - we need more Penny! — SpyDude
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redlinederby 12/14/20
Site manager

FWIW, here's a comment that Blueline made on the YT page, just some good insight about some of the cars he's seen race already. Thought they'd be good to have in this conversation as well.

The red Corvette owned by Scale Racing channel is fast. It raced here and you can see it run on my channel. We know Voxxer is going to be quick. If this car of his isn’t faster than the one that won RLD Nov here then the orange Jag has a chance. You can see the orange Jag run on my last video also. I think Mattman has a very quick one this time and Second Hand Speed too. That F-150 surely looks like a contender also.

  • Gonna be nuts!!! — Mattman213
  • I am not so sure about my entry. The wheels/axles might not be the best. Hoping for the best. Best of luck to everyone! — Secondhand_Speed
  • I love it when the builds cause you to take your mod game to the next level. This definitely looks like one of those races; can't wait. — GhostRacing
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NDeavers80 12/15/20

The penguin racing pixar car does fit orange track it's raced a few times at diecast 64

  • Yeah and it is not exactly slow either. — Uncle_Elvis
  • Interesting. I’ve got a Doc Hudson car that fits on orange track - I may rebuild it with different wheels and axles and see what I come up with. — SpyDude
  • Good luck Doc or at least mine fits but drags the sidewalls of the track — NDeavers80
  • Doc was actually fairly small in comparison to some of the other Cars. I know ones like Lightning McQueen and some of the import/tuner racers were just too wide to fit on the track - they were riding the top of the rail on one side. Am thinking of making Doc into a gasser - he’d clear those sidewalls then! — SpyDude
  • I must have a newer design than my doc doesn't fit — NDeavers80
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redlinederby 12/15/20
Site manager

Here's the bracket for this tournament. I'm excited to see a lot of these match-ups. I feel like there aren't a lot of obvious picks even in that first round, but I haven't been following all that closely. Although, as the points stand right now, no one can catch Voxxer as he's ahead by 7 points and only 3 are available in this bracket (or 4 if Penguin or Alfred win). So maybe a bit anticlimactic but good racing all the same.

You can see the bracket better on Challonge, click here.

  • Should be SpyDude, not Spy Guy ....... but I'll answer to either one. — SpyDude
  • Yeah I didnt think there would be enough rounds with so few entries to catch up to Voxxer but oh well. Give it hell anyways and see how it all works out. — Mattman213
  • Catching up to Voxxer is going to be a real challenge. — SpyDude
  • Well, this will be my first modded drag race tournament. So I'm only here for the experience and refreshments. :D — G4DiecastRacing
  • Not looking forward to getting knocked out in the first round. Haha — Secondhand_Speed
  • So all but 2 entries get a first round bye....Sweet! — Peter_Bee
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BlueLineRacing 12/15/20

might be the last RLDRL showdown but definitely won't be an easy one to win

  • Best way for it to go down! Winning when noone shows up is one thing but when numerous folks send heat, it makes things way more interesting! — Mattman213
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redlinederby 12/16/20
Site manager

So here's a thought given some cars got mail delayed and a few people have been asking about extended racing. The 17 cars that were in the showcase are the cars that will race in the official RLDRL race for points as expected. No real change there and since the champ has more or less been declared, no biggie if your car doesn't race for points, honestly.

Then in addition, all cars but the RLDRL December winner and Voxxer (assuming they're different) would get raced extra along with the late arrivals. This wouldn't be for points or any RLDRL stuff...just to have an extra race and see your cars roll. I thought maybe a rumble elimination format would be fun, or we can do a standard bracket - community choice.

But if you need your car back ASAP, shoot me a PM and I'll turn your car around as quick as I can and you won't be in extended racing. Otherwise, you car will get an extra race and returned after Christmas.

  • And if we do a rumble format, your entry position would be based on when you got beat in the bracket (plus a little randomness) — redlinederby
  • Sounds good! I was cool with waiting until another race, but thanks for accomodating. — GhostRacing
  • I’m down for a rumble. I may not have the fastest car, but it will be fun running with the big dogs, even if I’m at the back of the pack. — SpyDude
  • Sweet! I like it! — G4DiecastRacing
  • Depends how long after Christmas. I was hoping to get my car back by Jan 7th. If you can pull that off I’m good for extended racing . Thanks — BlueLineRacing
  • Im with Blueline, if you dont see getting the cars back before Jan 7th then you KNOW Im down for a RUUUMBBBBBLLLLEEEEEEEEEE — Mattman213
  • I be as fast and efficient as I can. But given the mail service lately, getting cars by January sounds iffy even if I shipped cars out next week. — redlinederby
  • Yeah its not on you, shipping is bout to be nuts — Mattman213
  • By all means I'm in for the extended racing. — Peter_Bee
  • As long as it's not say 6 months from now I say race mine — NDeavers80

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