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RLDRL December - Redline Derby Speedway

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BlueLineRacing 11/25/20

Here we come. No stock entry this time

  • Love a quick Jag!!! Have yet to build one but I love em anyways!!! — Mattman213
  • So far, in my testing for this race, my best car is a stock one. I have a mod that I'm working on to see if it can get faster. I'll decide in a few days. — Peter_Bee
  • This one has potential. Built 4 cars and this was the best of the 4. The other 3 are paper weights in their second life — BlueLineRacing
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Peter_Bee 11/28/20

My car went in the mail today. Looking forward to seeing it run on your track.

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Mayfield41 11/30/20

Gonna have to bow out. Once again catastrophic failure after together. I don't have time to take apart and make it in time. Good luck to all,  I'll be watching

Not going to be able to meet the deadline, after all.  Sorry.  Have to focus on other things right now.

  • Back-tracking on this statement. I got a stock car headed your way. Will send you tracking number in PM. — GenX_VintageRacing
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SpyDude 12/1/20

Oh, what the hell - I'm in.  Stock vehicle heading out tomorrow.

  • Shit! I can do a stock vehicle! I forgot about that. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Mine's out in the mail .... hope it gets there in time. — SpyDude
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Peter_Bee 12/1/20

Tracking says my car should be there Wednesday in plenty of time. Can't wait to see it on your track.

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redlinederby 12/1/20
Site manager

Cool, thanks everyone. I'll be doing PO runs this week a couple times and I'll post here with what I get. I'll do the last pickup on the deadline date (or shortly thereafter) and that'll be it. If your car is in the mail already or this week, you should be fine. I know a several have had to drop due to time or other things and that's cool - I'll race what I get and we'll chalk this whole series off as done.

Entries already received

  • G4DiecastRacing
  • Mike Dooley
  • RLO Racing, Ryan Lopez
  • Fractal Panda

More as they arrive...

  • I’m sad to see these go. I know you’ve taken some criticism but this site is a great asset to the hobby. Don’t let one bad apple bring you down. I’ll help in 2021 anyway I can. As for December I sent my best build yet. I’m looking forward to it — BlueLineRacing
  • I agree with BlueLine. I loved this series and actually prioritized it in many cases when building. My track is crap BUT I would be happy to get it up to snuff and host IF it helps keep things rolling. If you have to drop the RLDRL in order to keep things be it, we understand. Either way I look forward to this race and to 2021! — Mattman213
  • Lol! That's EightOC Racing. — CrazyEights
  • I agree with Blueline and Mattman. I focused my rookie year on racing D64 and RLDL races monthly, with a few other races here and there. I would love to see the RLDL continue, and I think there are enough potential hosts, including myself, to keep it alive. YouTube racing is nice, but RLDL racing, to me, has a prestige level few can attain. Just my 2 cents... — Peter_Bee
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CrazyEights 12/5/20

How many entries did you get, Redline?

  • I know there are a couple waiting at the PO, I'll make another pickup on Monday. But I suspect there will be 10 or so. — redlinederby
  • Cool — CrazyEights
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Mattman213 12/5/20

Just finished this POS up.  Was running outta time and knew painting it was going to be a stretch when I noticed that it was looking alot like an ornament my Son has been playing with alot, this mod will be called "The Bounty Hunter" from here on!

I was going to finish body work and paint it nice BUT a body post broke from the body and I was forced to JB the thing together so it will stay this way.  I also had to ditch the rear exhaust pipes due to it being over weight.  Not sure where my brain is but its now in spec and ready to race.

Good luck everyone, cant wait to see the action!


  • I can see Boba driving that... — redlinederby
  • Isn't today the due date for the cars? — GenX_VintageRacing
  • The race is next Sat and I reached out to Redline and asked if I could get it to him before the race if it would be ok. — Mattman213
  • Ah. Man, I hate it when I panic in order to get something in on time. I sent a Stock this month because otherwise it wouldn't've been there by the 5th. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Most races the due date is a day or two before the event. Redline put his a week out just in case and I appreciate it as I aimed to have it there by the RACE date and panicked when I saw the actual due date and messaged him. Otherwise I woulda been sending a totally different car in as well! — Mattman213
  • Yeah, sorry...I bake in a lot of padding just to be safe, even for myself to get ready. Plus if you send a car prior to the deadline that's good, it's in the mail. If I know cars are in the mail, I'll do my best to wait (within reason). Worst case is your car might miss the preview show but it'll race. — redlinederby

Mine should be there. Was due Saturday

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redlinederby 12/7/20
Site manager

Monday pickup was a big one, probably most of y'all are staged and ready to race. I'll do another pickup on Wednesday just in case and then try to do one more on Saturday, but then that's it. I'm hoping to do a preview showcase this weekend and will then be racing next week.

Entry roster as of today:

  • G4 Diecast Racing
  • Mike Dooley
  • RLO Racing, Ryan Lopez
  • Fractal Panda
  • Blueline Racing
  • Spy Guy
  • George Stackert
  • Voxxer
  • Scale Racing
  • Mattman
  • Deavers
  • Penguin
  • Peter Bee
  • Secondhand Speed
  • Uncle Elvis
  • Rivera Racing

So that's 15. If more don't come later this week, my kid will enter a stock car to make it an even bracket.

At first blush these are some good looking builds (and a few stocks) that should put on a great show. 

  • Cool, mine got there all right. — SpyDude
  • I hope mine makes it. It should have been there already. I really can’t stand USPS. — GhostDriver
  • Aren’t Deavers and Penguin two cars for 16? — BlueLineRacing
  • For the life of me I don't know why I have a team name.(EightOC Racing) No one ever acknowledges it. Second time in two days a promoter doesn't use it and broadcast my real name. Which I don't even use on here. thanks much!!! — CrazyEights
  • It’s does show your real name on here. You can change that in the settings — BlueLineRacing
  • Its your screen name on here which is why its being used. Im sure Redlinederby can change your screen name to your team name if you want. — Mattman213
  • Glad our cars made it — NDeavers80
  • "Second time in two days a promoter doesn't use it and broadcast my real name. Which I don't even use on here. thanks much!!! — MikeDoolzinski". Too funny. lol — Peter_Bee
  • Sorry, bro - I've only seen your racing team name a couple times. I see your your real/username far more often, and I think it's easier to remember. Not to mention, if you want people to remember a name, use that name. — redlinederby
  • “EightOC? Who’s that guy....? .....Oh, it’s Mike D.? Well, why didn’t he just say so...?” — SpyDude
  • And's just a list to show your car is here. No big deal. It's not like your paycheck is going to the wrong person. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 12/10/20
Site manager

Thursday pickup today got 2 more entries:

  • Willy Makit
  • Alfred from Canada

And I believe that takes us to 18 cars racing, so it won't be an even bracket but it's all good and fair number of entries to keep things entertaining.

I may try to do another pickup on Saturday but can't guarantee it. With Christmas knocking everything is pretty nuts so I might not get time to go before they close. 

I'm planning to do a entry preview this weekend so look for that and then racing will get started next week...looking to have all the highlights and results produced by next weekend. 

  • Awesome can't wait!!!! — Mattman213
  • Looking forward to it. Finally put together a decent 60g build — BlueLineRacing
  • Very nice! It's a great way to wrap up my first season of racing. Thanks for having the RLDL...I hope it continues with your blessing next year. Take care and see ya at the races! — Peter_Bee
  • Good luck to all the racers. My entry will more than likely be there Saturday. Hopefully you’re able to do one more pick up for the others that may be late like mine. — GhostDriver
  • Just a note that Willy Makit is a car intended for the Rookie Rally, not the RLDRL, so it's not in the lineup. — redlinederby

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