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RLDRL March Race - Red Pill Hill

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MDG_Racing 3/26/20

Great racing on the Red Pill Hill. Especially when its running hella fast! Thanks Frank. Great job!

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Mattman213 3/26/20

MAN tough racing for sure.  I wanted to send something that would feel at home at Red Pill's and it was JUST off the pace and not by much!  Cant be too mad at that.  Thanks for hosting and posting the video up Red Pill, time to get back to work to try and get back competitive in April's race!


  • I can only see the video of the weigh ins.. where is the race at? HELP.. — Mayfield41

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Mayfield41 3/26/20

Found it on YouTube. Damn am I slow still.  I was kinda proud of my Escalade but now I'm just at a loss. I need to learn how to massage axles and wheels I guess. What I'm doing isnt working. 

  • It takes time. The top guys have been doing this for years. — NDeavers80
  • Don't get NDR takes time and you learn as you go...keep at it. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Dont give up, get it back and then try to beat it with your next mod and go from there — Mattman213
  • I don't have a way to test... no track set up or room. But started watching more videos and gonna try something else and go figure gonna cost more money. Lol — Mayfield41
  • Get some of the $1.00 track extension packs and put together two lanes as long as you can. You can hold them to a table with a book and use a pencil as a starting gate. You dont have to have much to have fun and to be able to learn if your Mods are headed in the right direction or not! — Mattman213
  • I do have some track pieces. I'll see what I can come up with also just bought a dremel style tool. Been watching how people buff and graphite wheels and axles — Mayfield41
  • Also don't be afraid to ask questions, we all care about mods here and want to make everyone faster. — NDeavers80
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Go_Time 3/26/20

Great racing, thank you for hosting RPR!  

Awesome races. I saw that I drew Voxer's badass looking custom mod against my stock F40 and was like dammit, I'm gonna get smoked! It took 3 runs till it started to warm up and finally crack into the 2089 range, and got quicker each time it went down the track, but not fast enough in time. Not sure how fast its potential is since I don't have a track to text on, hoping to see it has potential with the few simple things I did to it

  • I saw your F40 and was like “Please not me in the first round” haha that thing is gonna be speedy man — RustBeltRacing

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