Season's Shaping Up

JDC442 Sunday, 9/12/2010

Okay, so I'm happy with how the season's going so far, but not just because I happen to be in first place right now, having a slight lead over Bandeezee/Ohana who for some reason scored a big zero this weekend. What happened Bandeezee??? Hope everything is okay.
Anyway, I think one of the best things about this season so far is that it's much more competitive than v1. There are only 375 points between first and tenth place, with the founder Redline Derby in 7th only 150 points out. It's totally up for grabs this time around!


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markkaz 9/12/10

Agreed! Everybody has a shot, nobody can run away with it.

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redlinederby 9/13/10
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The difference in points is slim, but I gotta say, getting points in this game is tough! The match-ups are usually less than obvious and there's always one outlier surprise it seems. 150 points doesn't seem like much, but that means you pretty much need to have all first round picks correct and then at least have of the rest.

Of course, there are achievements out there...that's where I scored big this past week, I unlocked two that gave me 80 bonus points, which certainly helped.

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Bandeezee 9/13/10

yeah, totally forgot to submit my brackets for the races
looks like I'll have to play catch up.

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Jobe 9/13/10

Must say it's pretty fun Brian, thanks for putting this together.

Been interesting to see how the cars perform.

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