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My tight messy space... It's a wonder I don't lose more tiny items!

  • It wouldn’t be so tight it you threw that massive stereo away and got a Bluetooth speaker that was 1/50th of the size and probably sounds better ;). Hehe. Just giving you a hard time! — TinyTrackCars
  • but I need that tiny tray on the front of it for my drill bits :D — G_ForceRacing

New to diecast racing but long time fan...

  • My friends, who can tell me what those green measuring mats are called? — LobotomyScam
  • They're cutting mats. Find them at Hobby Lobby and Joann's if you have them near. — redlinederby
  • Thanks, I actually saw them at Wal-Mart after asking about them. — LobotomyScam

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