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dr_dodge Wednesday, 8/9/2023

I screwed up the last time shipping to Canada, and (embarassingly) cost myself $$$ because of the paper trail being wrong

What suggestions for shipping to Canada?

I guess I need an invoice, but what else?

anyone got links to forms they use?




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redlinederby 8/9/23
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Check out if you haven't already. It's been a while since I've shipped outside the US, but I think I remember they guide you through the international process with the appropriate forms and stuff.

And even if they don't solve your Canada problem, they make domestic shipping easy and affordable too. Never had an issue using them for postage.

For one thing...make sure your estimated value of the package is well below $100... I had a car come to me for the Freezie500 and it cost me $45 in duties...I probably should have refused it...

second...if you can register a business account with the post office it'll get you shipping discounts...

last...hook up with a few others and all pitch in at once...that works as well

  • the gremmlin cost me $65 to get to you. No host should have to pick up extra charges. Thats why I started this — dr_dodge
  • How did you manage to get it to cost THAT much to ship??? — Crazy_Canuck
  • by being a, and having the shipping lady say it was worth $100 on the paper trail — dr_dodge
  • it was less than $20 to ship, then customs tax made the difference (+$45) — dr_dodge
  • Ahhhh…yeah…that’s why I lead with keep the value down when shipping… — Crazy_Canuck
  • A few tips, don't value or insure your shipping for very much, be reasonable, these are just diecast cars. Select return to sender at senders expense if you are worried about losing it. Make sure you get a tracking number as well. Don't list is a USED or Junk (in the case of scenery damaged cars) as Canada dosen't allow for importing of garbage and will return it. Say it is a Hot Wheel not Diecast. Say it is a Toy/Gift — MarcusFiregone
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MrKing3 8/11/23

I ship from the UK to the US all the time and the principle will be the same. You must ensure you have a CN22 form attached to the outside of the box for customs. Also, you should mark it as a gift as well as declare its value (if they are toy cars, it shouldn't be too much in dollar terms) as some places (like anywhere in the EU) charge VAT on top/ (I've never posted to Canada but I have read they are like the US where if its below 60 Canadian Dollars, they don't care about import tax and just process it free). 

If you buy the postage online, USPS should generate a customs form for you to fill out automatically like Royal Mail do over here. 

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